please help re my opk tonight

Im new to using opk's and have only started using them this month (the cheep ebay one step tests from fertility friend) im only on CD10 but have been testing since CD7 as im not sure when i ovulate, All tests have been negative with only the control line showing until tonight and i have a faint but definate test line. Ive just read that unless the line is equal to or darker than the control line then its still negative. Is this right? Does it mean i may ovulate in the next few days?

I dont understand why there would be no line for 4 days and tonight a faint test line? Does it really not mean anything?

Thanks in advance xx


  • Not really sure on the answer as i use the cb smiley face ones, but i have read on here loadsa times that the line has to be equal to or darker than the control line for a positive. Not sure why the others didn't have a line, did you 'use' it for long enough? Soz i couldn't be more help but i would keep testing and see how the line develops x
  • Hi,
    I use these and I always find i get faint lines around 2 days before I get my darker positive. To be honest I never get a line as dark as the control line so i wouldn't worry about that. I usually just get 1 day where it's really dark and then it goes faint again. The dark line indicates that you are about to ovulate, not that you actually are so you probably need to BD for a few days in a row once you get your positve. They say you should BD every other night from CD8 and then 3 nights in a row when you get your positive. Sorry to haev rambled on!! Good luck xx
  • Hiya. Mmm it is a little confusing to say the least. For this exact reason I used the CB smiley face ones until I invested in a CBFM. I read that the lines need to be the same colour for a positive result but it must show that ov is on the way. Not sure if you know but they only detect the surge of hormone about 24-36 hours before you ov so am guessing that you should ov around sat/sun if the line has got darker tomorrow.

    I'm not an expert but that's how I'd read it if it were me. I'd be interested to see what the other ladies think. Good luck, I hope you catch it right. xxx
  • thanks for your advise girls, will test again at the same time tomorrow and start some bd'ing! xx
  • hiya, i use these and the line is never as dark as the control line but most of the month i get no line at all or barely visable, then one day i get a faint line then the next i get a darker line and i take the 2nd one as my positive. see how you go tomorrow but i'd take this to mean you're about to ovulate personally xxx
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