Trying to scare the witch away!!

Hi Ladies
AF is due tomorrow or Monday and I'm trying my hardest to keep the old bag at bay... please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me! I'm on constant knicker watch as cycles have been a bit irregular so basically she could be any day now!! Hope that PMA will win the battle and she won't show up.... The waiting is driving me insane!! Anyone else planning to test tomorrow or monday?? x


  • Keeping my fingers crossed for you hun xx
  • Thanks Donna! Hoping i can follow in your footsteps now! I'm almost feeling too scared to test... normally I have poas at least twice by this point but was so scared to see another BFN i have managed to stop myself this month. Now I'm too worried to even do it tomorrow!!! I think i will wait and see how I feel.... ohhh this is the worst bit of the whole 2ww i think!! x
  • Fingers crossed for you.

    May be a bit o/t but the 'trying to scare the witch away' reminded me about when I was pregnant with my 1st. I felt af was coming so I 'hid' in my bed, under the covers all day. My hubby came in at one point and I explained that I was hiding from my af lol. He thought I was crazy but I felt I had to do it!
  • Thanks mn88... It's mad isn't it... I feel like i should be doing some sort of haka style dance to scare her away. Trying not to go too crazy but slowly slipping into it i think!! xx
  • When I read the post subject my instant thought was 'poor thing has an awful mother in law same as I do!!'

    Wonder if the haka dance would work on MIL & AF?! I'm keeping fingers crossed AF stays away for you! x
  • Funny you should say that... maybe my sub-conscience was working over time because I am also away this weekend... staying with the MIL who possibly could be described as 'a witch'!!!! lol!! Will crack on with the haka now!!!

    Just read your post too by the way... maybe we will be testing together?? Good luck hun xx
  • Lol, let me know if the dance works or if you just get given strange looks! At least with a BFP you can put the dancing down to hormones!

    Will also test it on my witch-MIL when I see her next!
    Fingers crossed for both of us! xx
  • Fingers crossed for you xxxx
  • Right, made my mind up - testing first thing in the morning, still no sign of AF (was due thursday). I dread every trip to the toilet but nothing so far!!
    Still have minor cramping (which I don't normally get) and loads of CM, heavy bbs & peeing lots but think thats nerves!!

    I just know I'm setting myself up for a fall but can't help it! Playing it down to dh so he doesn't get too excited!

    When are you testing hon? Still planning on tomorrow?!
    Ooooh, roll on the morning!

    I'll probably be awake at 4 to do it!! :lol:
    Good luck! xxx
  • Well.... did you test??!?!!

    I haven't poas yet... and so lost the FMU for today I suppose... maybe i should save it for tomorrow now?! I'm just putting it off aren't I?! I'm just so scared of seeing a BFN. AF is due today and no sign so far....Getting CM and V bloated. Oh I'm so scared so think that might account for increased weeing!!! Looking forward to hearing your news...! x
  • Especially for you image Good luck!

  • Wanted to test this morning but didn't have any HPTs!!! So bought some today but like you will have to wait until tomorrow to test...we can both poas and get our BFPs together - PMA and all that!!!

    Oooooh, seems so far away to wait!! Can't stop peeing either!!
    Just want to know one way or other but know if I test now I will only test again in morning, lol. I know it would probably show anyway if I am, being 4 days late, but....eek! Am scared as well of a BFN!

    Will be straight on here to let you know!
    Baby dust and good luck xxxxxx
  • I caved in and did a FR test this afternoon.... BFN. Gutted. Still no sign of af.. technically should've shown up today. I know there may still be a small chance and trying to think that its a late implanter and you never know. But feel like poo now.... can't stand to see another BFN. Hope your luck is better xx
  • teehee huni

    im keeping everything crossed for you!!

    x x x
  • Oh babe that sucks big time. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for you though; they don't always show on a test this early and until AF arrives there is always hope.

    Feeling glum for you now, and sending hugs your way. That's the one problem with online - can't wrap your arms around somebody. But imagine thats what I'm doing and try to stay positive!

    My AF still isnt here either, so will test tomorrow morning and see, though I've got it into my head that it isn't my month. I've still got cramping but its getting worse - never had this with AF before but I just know thats what it is. I shouldn't feel bad - we wanted to stop TTC until May time so that new lo wouldn't share a birthday too close to ds, but still had my hopes up.

    Still, until AF arrives.... who knows? Hardly slept last night so feeling v emotional and tired! Think a good nights sleep is in order!
    Lots of hugs, Kel xxx
  • Thanks lovely, it means a lot. It's so difficult when you can't tell anyone either... OH is trying to say the right things. But you know how it is. I will try and keep positive.... already been googling to read up on getting late BFPs. I was feeling as though this was our month... still getting cramps and bloated... that was making me feel even more positive because don't normally get any symptoms before af (lucky i know).

    You keep your chin up too hun... will be looking forward to hearing your news tomorrow! Keeping everything crossed for you x
  • Yeah I know I should try and stay positive, but the cramping is getting worse. Only time I've ever had any pain with AF is several years ago when I was 5 weeks late - I'd only been with dh (before he was hubby!) a couple of months so was too afraid to test. Had horrendous cramps, then painful heavy AF for couple of weeks, passing clots (sorry, TMI!) and was ill for days...I never knew if I actually was BFP but deep down always knew it. I hate to think same is happening again. So got myself all depressed just thinking about it now and don't even want to test in the morning!

    Never mind! Sure AF will be here by then anyway image
    Sorry to moan and depress everybody! Just feel like crying now...sorry again xxx
  • Ahhhh (((HUGS))) to you too.... I am feeling exactly the same if it is any consolation.... you must keep the PMA up though...I feel sick in the pit of my stomach. Horrible feeling!! Think from looking at the other threads everyone has the sunday blues... maybe you're tired hun, You'll feel better after a good nights sleep I'm sure xxx
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