For gods sake...Whats up with me now! :roll:

I havent got a clue whats going on. Im on CD07, The last cycle was 25 days, had a normal AF, i.e spotting before, then full flow, and then the final brown discharge at the end.
The last time i saw blood was tuesday and i had the last of the brown discharge yesterday.

Well i was cleaning my bathroom and i noticed i had AF type cramps and backache and I saw in my knickers a yellow glob of CM (tmi) and i wiped it with toilet paper so i could double check the colour as my knickers are black and bloody hell im bleeding again!
Its definately spotting and i did abit of research on google. I straight away thought of ovulation and if you have a short cycle or around 21 days you can ovulate earlier than CD10, Can be between CD06-CD10 and im on the 7th day so its possible. The divvy that i am, went and tested with a OPK and it was a faint line, a definate neg, well if i have already ovulated i aint going to get a positive am i!!! :lol:

Anyone else had this? I mean its really peed me off abit, I just want to have a normal cycle and i was planning on testing with OPK's on the 10th day.


On a lighter note, hubby texted me this am to tell me that i was giggling in my sleep image , I had a dream I had twins and 1 of the twins was chinese, hardly twins really! :lol:


  • hiya girlies, ive had really random AFs too, had 3 in like 40 days at one point, i have no clue y, or if im even ovulating image im not testing OV same as KMRose, came off my pill 28th jan, its so frustrating, so again, cant really help or suggest anything, but at least u no its not just u hun. (((hugs))) xxxx
  • I havent a clue if we can get pg like this either, It can get so confusing cant it? I havent a clue when to test for OV but me and hubby are out for this month as if i got pg i would be due boxing day! :lol: and thats not what we want.
    But it would be interesting to know when im OV, i bought some of those OV sticks yesterday from tescos.
    The bleeding stopped yesterday, definately spotting,it was pretty much mixed in with the CM, my CM is clear and stretchy so Ill probably OV in a few days.

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