no period...confused

Hello, i am new to this, but was after some advice please.
My husband and i have been trying to conceive since December, previous to this i was on the pill for about 10 years and came off it in September. Since then my periods have been about a 5 week cycle. i do get ovulating pains each month (not consistent with dates however). Month before last i didnt have a period at all just very painful cramps and feeling generally urgh. Anyway to cut a story short the doctor thought i may have had a chemical miscarriage. I missed out a whole period and came on the month after at the normal time.

Now this month round it seems to be happening again. I was due on on 11 May, no period, 2 negative tests and for this last week i have had the cramps back. Today i have been to the toilet and have the stringy CM which i am confused about as this surely means i am ovulating?? but i am still waiting for my period. I am very confused. Wanted to ask, a) can you completely miss out a period and ovulate again? and b) is it possible that i have ovulated late this month and that i could still be PG? but as for the CM today...confused. Please help!! thanks xx:?


  • Didnt want to r&r but I have no idea I'm afraid. I hope someone will be along who can help. Welcome to this mad forum and good luck!!xx
  • hi mobile and welcome, im a newbie too but been following things for a while. I also stopped the pill in sept.Have a 30-31 day cycle. Im not an expert but i think you can ovulate when u miss a period. My friend fell pg without her first period after being off the pill for 5 mths!! Just go for it now as you have the stringy CM. Good luck!!I
  • thanks for your help, good luck to you too!! xx
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