how crazy are you?

i need to confess that while we were on holiday (disneyland paris) i was pram spotting. so i think iv already decided what pram i want. now im sure that registers on the slightly crazy scale. anyone else need to confess, any crazy thoughts or purchases.



  • Hi
    Good post!!!!! so heres my confession :lol: :lol:
    I have a DD who is 10 1/2 months and i have already bought a double buggy (u know thw one with one i n front and one behind) just incase. imageops: imageops:

  • wow missy moo, thats thinking ahead.

    actually i have another confession. i have brought a box of maternity clothes. basically i was looking on my local net mums for bikes for the kids when i saw the ad for clothes. there all ex cond and from blooming marvelous etc and she only wanted ??20, i payed more than that for 1 item last time.
  • ooohhh me i went to toys r us at weekend with my little girl and have pick a pram i like aswell! got a babies r us mag and have been circling everything we need!! i asked someone else on another thread if they thought i was mad! i dont want to jinx it but cant help myself!!!
  • great thread!
    i am a pram addict and nose at everyones! wot one shave you gone for ladies?
    im also already looking for a double as LO is 9 and a half months! but i have the excuse that all my siblings have tots so if i ever need her looked after then theyd need a double to get out haha! and my mum likes to take her mutiple grandkids at once!
    i have my list made of things we will need next time round.
    we are crazy
  • Hey im not alone i have to check everyones prams out im obsessed i even go into the shops to just look at them! I also have 3 prams at the mo but in honesty i only need 1 ,i have a mamas and papas luna a cossatto double ( i have a 11 month and 3 year old) and a buggy!Also on the crazy thing when we decided ttc again i bought a carrycot for the luna knowing full well ill have to use the double at first coz there will only be 19 months between the youngest( if i fall pg quick that is!) image x

    I must be too old to be crazy because I haven't bought a thing... My dd is 2 and I still have all her stuff in totes in storage...

    And don't even get me started on strollers, I have 3 already but there are some out there I'm seriously drooling over... DH would kill me if I bought another...

    the only "crazy" thing I did when pregs was buy girl clothes the day we found out she was a girl. Wow, crazy eh? LOL
  • I had a feeling DD was a girl from early on and even though we didnt find out after our 20wk scan we bought a couple of pink things!

  • I know which pram I want too and could sort of buy it as it converts to a double (the iCandy Peach) but hubby would not be impressed! We have a Quinny at the moment (our ds is almost 13 months) and if the gap gets too big we won't need a double at all image x
  • I haven't bought anything but book marked all the big things like pram, cot, nursery theme, high chair, changing bag and I check those links once a week because they sometimes expire when they are from specific shops LOL
    Now I am scared that half the stuff won't be available any more when the time comes as I am taking so long to fall pregnant...
  • I too have been pram spotting and been taking a look in mamas and papas, not decided on one yet though. Been thinking about names too which is way to early but i can't help it. Hubby thinks i've gone mad x x
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