5 days late but 2 negative tests?!

Hi Girls,

can you please help me make sense of this!?

came off the pill back in November 09 and have had regular periods every 28days up until now.
was due on last thursday but nothing - no signs of AF nor pregnancy symptoms.

done a test last night which came back negative so thought I'd try again this morning with 1st pee but negative again!!

What's going on?!!

I'm not particuarly stressed although the not knowing is stressing me out a little now!

thanks girls x


  • im the same hun, should have had af arrive on the 20th but we are now 10 days late and i have done 2 preg tests and both nagative, last one i did was on the 26th, but still no af, i used the cheapy ebay wee sticks so might go buy a tescos one xx its just the not knowing what my body is doing that bugs me xxx
    sending lots of hugs xx
  • same here girls, i'm 10 days late. No af and BFN!!!
  • try tesco tests !!!
    clearblue,, first response + expensive tests only register high hcg levels lol n so do the cheap tests.... i tested positive on a tesco test at 4 days late!!
    if it dont show,, have ya bloods done xxxx
  • I am the same too! Currently 8 days late for AF but have had 2 BFN's. Someone on here suggested that it could be that we ovulated late perhaps?
    It's the not knowing that's bugging me - no perios but no AF! Arrrrggh!!
  • Unfortunately its just a waiting game; most docs wont do a blood test until af has been missing for a while (some girls on here were told missing for 6 months!!!!) Try them by all means (they might be nice!) but just be warned that they might not be very helpful...

    Tesco tests for me were terrible; had only a v v v faint line, but clearblue came up instantly (NOT the digital, they are terrible!), despite that I was about 6-7 weeks pg at the time.

    All I can recommend is leaving it a few days in between then use a first response or a superdrug, they can both pick up the hormone much earlier than the others. And if still no BFP and no af just wait a few more days...sometimes its just too early for the hormone to show.

    Good luck to all of you though!! :\)
  • hi, i was 7 days over and only then did i get a bfp, clear blue was still saying no until 10 days! early response is the best with FMU, goodluck xxx
  • Oh thanks girls, there is hope then!

    I bought the clearblue double pack from tesco thinking they one of the better brands - will try a first response one at th weekend then providing AF hasn't reared her ugly head!

    It's like your life's on hold until you know isn't it?!

    Congrats and good luck girls xxxx
  • Hi ladies,

    I didn't test positive until I was 6 days late then used CBD came up 1-2wks preg, hang on in there xxx
  • Well it's now 7 days and still no sign so am going to take a test at the weekend...!
    Went swimming yesterday which I thought would bring on AF if she was on her way but didn't!

    Have any of you tested positive yet? How long you waiting before you do another? xx

  • im now 12 days late and im gonna wait a few days xx got me some superdrug tests yesterday and still no AF xxxx
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