isn't it funny......

Dont you think its funny that any normal time you just get on with things and dont notice anything.

The moment you mention "trying to conceive" you find yourself saying "oooooo ive never noticed that before" or "is that normal"
How we take our bodies for granted. We should pay more attention lol


  • You are so right I have been on the pill for two years which is not long at all and I have no clue how long my CD were before I went on it?? I just remember being on a lot of pain and being heavy. I don't know my body at all.

    K-lou xx
  • I have noticed this too, I'm sure my boobs never hurt so much prior to af before I started ttc.x
  • Gosh, yeah totally agree. I NEVER used to get PMS before af came it just used to come every 28 days last 4 days then go again now i'm feeling ROUGH for a week before she comes and then pray for a BFP or like now just wish af would hurry up and come so i can crack on for next month. Bloody bodies.
  • God laughed his ass off when he created woman lol
  • He must really hate us as well sometimes to put us through so must sh** each month!lol
  • Tell ya now.................Im commin back as a man lol
  • How did we get it so hard? Men get to have sex have all the fun and then we get the sore boobs morning sickness well all day sickness and the list goes on and then we have to give birth .......

    K xxx
  • Oh good idea, life would be SO much easier!
  • WE do get to feel our babies moving inside though, and would you really want men's dangly bits?!!!!
  • And why is it, we spend so long trying hard NOT to get pregnant and then so long trying hard TO get pregnant. We think that because we have been trying hard NOT to get pregnant that when we do want to get pregnant, it will just happen.
  • ha ha yeah it must be difficult for men putting up with us. But saying that its quite difficult putting up with men. They're lazy, they get 'man flu' and dont we know about it. They have a lot less to worry about thats for sure x
  • Actually I never thought about having the mens buts down between your legs :-/ don;t think i would like that one little bit. I wonder how that feels though ha ha ha it bet it would be well weird!

    k xx
  • At least they can have a pee up a tree when they're desperate!!! I'd rather be female, even after that.
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