I'm SO fed up of trying

The subject says it all!

AF arrived today. :cry: Been off the pill since June last year ( I know it's not long but when you are "trying", each month feels like a lifetime!).

Been using CBFM for a couple of months now and I am wondering if I should just pack it all in and start living my life!


  • Both my brother and wife (trying for#2) and my cousin (#1) had been trying for a year with no luck and just when they both were about to go for IVF they both fell pregnant.

    My sister in law was just taking a precautionary test before IVF before she started taking meds when she found out and my cous went on hols and concieved!

    Maybe the lesson is that you have absolutely nothing to lose this month or the next throwing caution to the wind and just enjoying your OH. Why not go away for the wkd and just have some fun and you never know! I think a lot of people concieve when they take a step back from trying.

    Good luck

  • Hi Laura,
    I know exactly how you feel, I came off the pill in Feb last year and started trying in June after we got married. I know in the grand scheme of things that 10 months isnt long at all but it does seem that way when you are ttc and each month is another month that you dont get your bfp. Try and stay positive, and think of it that each month that you dont get pregnant is another chance to improve your health for that bfp that you will get. I have packed away my cbfm this month and am going to try and relax about it all from now on....easier said than done but Im going to give it a try!!!
  • Thanks for your replies. It really is supportive on here!

    It's really hard going to friends and family sometimes as they say "it will happen, it just takes time!" so the support on here is great.

    We've just put our house on the market so that should distract me.

    Good luck to you all! It WILL happen image
  • awww hun each BFN is another one closer to your BFP, it will happen hun! keep positive! xxxxxxx
  • i know how you feel hun- we have been trying for 7 months now and it is hard to stay positive as i keep thinking that something might be wrong. BUT then i speak to my friends and they are healthy and it took a lot of them more than 8 months! So i do now think that it will happen but might just take longer than i planned for!

    Lol i want it now!!! At least in the meantime we are saving money so thats a good thing. But i am terrible i am so ready to buy everything do the nursery etc....!!!! Baby brain already!!!

    So hunny i do think it will be your turn soon- just keep trying, dont let it get you down. Every month on here people are getting their BFp's so why should it not be you or me or someone else real soon!?!?!?
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