To all CBFM users

Hi Ladies,

I was just having a quick search on Google and i had a thought. Maybe it is just me behind with the times!!!

Right, whenever i read a website about using OPK's it always says test twice in a day. Once around 10am-12pm and once around 5-8pm. Everyone told me, when i first started using the CBFM to test with FMU!!!

If the sites are right about our LH surge - apparently it happens later in the day which is why if you test at both these times you will definitely catch it - then should we not be starting our CBFM's in the afternoon??? The 5-8pm would be perfect for me as i work until 5pm.

The only reason i am asking is because last month i got my peak on CD17 BUT could there be a possibilty that i actually OV'ed late in the afternoon on CD16 so might not have got there in time (if egg only lasts 12 hours and it takes sperm anywhere from 2-24 hours to get there i would have missed out)

Some of these points may be a little wrong but i am basically asking does anyone think it is better to start CBFM in the afternoon????

Tink xx image


  • :lol: Tink you make me laugh... Deep breath hun and calm down.. I'm sure I read somewhere that the CBFM picks up a slighty different hormone to OPK's :/? but even if not I'm quite sure that before they started selling it and stating it will increase your chances of conception blah blah blah they will have done excessive testing on it and when is best to POAS.

    As far as I was aware your advised not to test with FMU for OPK's because there is always a small amount of LH in your system anyway and obviously FMU would have the most of it. The CBFM is so much more sensitive that the OPK's and much more accurate babe which is why you get your highs before your peaks.

    I think you're worrying over nothing and should continue to use the CBFM as instructed in the manual image

    And remember your OH's swimmers will stay inside you for a few days so whenever you release your egg if your having regular sex there's bound to be some troopers hanging around waiting :lol: And if you're doing SMEP you're not gonna miss it!! x
  • no tink no!! you must use fmu!

    Trust me, the cbfm never lies. If you use in afternoon you won't get an accurate reading as urine will be too dilute! x x x
  • :lol: i am glad i provide the entertainment BB image

    thanks for that ladies, i get worked up sometimes - not that you can tell!!!

    I will carry on with my FMU!!! image

  • hi,

    sorry if i've missed the answer but - all the other ov tests i've done say to test at night - same time every time - so why does cbfm say 1st thing is best???? plus - if you press the m button in the morning - you only have a certain time bracket to test.


    from experience - when should i press the button?

  • All the ladies are saying with FMU. I did it around 7am because i get up around then and on a weekend it means i have until 10 when i have a lie in so it works fine.
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