Ebay Cheapies??

Hi everyone,

Has anyone used ebay cheapies pregnancy tests??
They say that they are the sensitive ones and 10miu but I just wondered if they worked when compared to the likes of Superdrug and First Response???

Thank you so much,
Amy xx


  • Hey hun....I have never used the ebay ones but there is a great site called babymad.com and they sell pg and ov tests on there, so cheap....when I was trying 3 years ago I got a BFP on them and also on the ov sticks so would recommend them xxx
  • Hey Amy, nice to see you on here, I'm officially joining you too (was LML)! Hope you see your BFP really soon. Sending Baby Dust from Scotland. Were not really trying until Aug/Sep but will start practising again now (much to OH delight!) x
  • Thank you everyone,
    I'll buy some then ;0)
    So much cheaper than CB and FR.
    Hi SweetPeas!!!!!! Have fun practising!! xx
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