Confuzzled - again!! -very early AF or implantation?!

Evening ladies!

Right!!: according to FF I ov 18th May, making me 7dpo. iPeriod says the 22nd therefore 3dpo.
We successfully BD on the 19th.
Ive not used temps etc of FF - they used my last cycle length to predict.
Still with me? Ok, I'll carry on....
Today I've some light brown cm, just got out the bath and there was some slightly pinky cm, have got sore boobs and a bloated tummy.
Sat - Mon I experienced heart palpitations but none today.
Is this just the end of ov or my body playing tricks and AF coming mega early?
Hope you're not as confused as me as could do with some advice!

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  • First off, relax!!!! I'm not a doc so can't really say for certain... Pregnancy symptoms and AF symptoms are too similar!

    I would suggest you just use one method of calculating ov. it seems to me your multiple methods are confusing.... Maybe in this one situation, just wait another week or so and then do a hpt...

    Personally, I just let nature take it's course to figure out ov as I have regular cycles and after 36years together, my body and I know each other well!!! image I look for EWCM, my boobs get sore, head and tummy aches etc. If your cycles are not regular I can understnad reverting to OPK's or something like that...


  • Hi Hun,
    thanks for your reply, I'm going to stick with the iPeriod - that one makes more sense to me. Like you, I don't want to revert to OPK's - one method of madness is more than enough, well, 2 if you count this site!
  • I take it iPeriod is a iPhone app - I'm going to look it up!!!

    Do you have to enter loads of data? I use and I really like that site but always open to other apps...

  • Yes it's for the iPhone and it's fab, no not a lot of data is needed - just the start date of your af and average length etc. You can add your own notes an you can add little symbols. Also has a password protection if needed and you can take the title off so nobody needs to see it.
    I find it really useful to look back at my previous cycles etc.
    Let me know how you get on xx
  • *update* sorry if tmi!

    This morning i've had to use a panty liner as i've had very light brown cm and occasionally after the toilet when I wipe its pale pink.
    I know I just need to wait it out but wondering if anyone else has had these symptoms? xx
  • Hey wildthing - I have had similar yesterday a week before AF is due. Yesterday was a blig clump of stringy brown/dark pink stuff. Am reallyhopeful its implantation, just want to throw a word of caution to both us not to get too excited just yet as I have bled at this point i the cycle at other times, convinced myself have been pg, then AF has arrived.
    Fingers crossed for both of us!
  • Hi Loobylou,

    Thanks for the reply. Fingers crossed it is implantation and not a 'break through' bleed. My af is also a good week away. Argh this 2ww and s.s is not good for us!! LOL.
    Babydust, xx
  • I asked my doc about it when it first happened as I was completely convinced I was pg as it had never happened to me before. She said sometimes it can just be hormonal and our bodies playing tricks on us. It can also be a drop in hormones after ov.
    This time feels a little different for me as it is not actual blood, where before it has been.
    Yes, spread that babydust!
  • Thats interesting to know! What is yours like? Mine is literally thin light brown discharge and the odd bit of pale pink.
    I also have sore-ish (.)(.) and a slightly runny nose. Have you had any symptoms? xx
  • The last three months in my previous cycles it has been actual blood. Only spotting but for a couple of days about a week before AF. Its gone away, then AF has arrived on time.
    This month I was due to ov last week which I think I did, but my ewcm has carried on longer than expected, so wasn't sure if I had ov late or not. Monday I had a bit of stringy light brown cm, like the consistency of ewcm, but brown. Yesterday morning when I went to the loo, it was a big gloop of it, again stringy like ewcm but very drak brown with hints of red. I've then had the odd bit of stringy brown but it seems to have stopped now.

    I had some stabbing pains on Saturday morning, and then yesterday I had AF type cramps but that may have been wishful thinking.
    Nothing really with my boobs.

    I've had so many 'symptoms' in other months, that I am very much trying to stay level headed and see what next week brings.

  • Sounds good if its different this month to the previous months. How long are your cycles?
    According to the iPeriod i'm due on the 5th June.
    I'm not the most patient person in the world so all this 2ww thing drives me crazy! xx
  • oooh just had some more when been to the loo - still like ewcm consistency, but with brown and red blood mixed in. Only on the tp, doesn't reach my knicks.
    My cycles have settled to 27/28 days since coming off the pill in December, so I should be due AF next Tuesday. Today is cd23. I agree with the 2ww, it drives me daft, as I hate the uncertainty of it all - once I know what I'm dealing with, whichever way it goes, I'm ok. Will just have to wait and see I guess, and do our best to remain level headed in the meantime! x
  • Snap - i'm ok with whatever happens but it's the not knowing that makes me want to pull my hair out! Its great that your cycles settled quickly, a lot of women have had to wait quite a while.
    I came off the pill end of feb, had 2 proper cycles, first was 35 days and last one 29.
    My cm is very intermittent but def need to wear a liner, only pink on the tp.I'm on cd 23 too so lets keep up the level-headed pma!!! xx
  • Hi Girls,

    Just wanted to let you know my experience, I came off pill at the end of march, got married the start of april so went on honeymoon with a we'll see how it goes attitude never expecting anything.
    Anyway at the start of the 2nd week of the honeymoon I had some spotting sounds very similar to yourselves, it was never very much and as you can imagine wearing a bikini you dont want to risk having a bleed, but was never enough to wear anything like a pantyliner. I just thought that my periods were messed up by coming off the pill.
    This lasted about 2 days then stopped, I sunbathed topless the following day and thought that I had burnt my nipples as they were so sore but I hadn't this soreness continued. Anyway it turned out that I was pregnant when i tested after af didn't come! Unfortunately for me I had a mc AT 6+3 but just wanted to let you know what my early pg symptoms were! Hope this helps!!xxx
  • Thanks Mrs Ad, that's very encouraging. So sorry to hear about your miscarriage. x
  • Thank you so much MrsAd, that is very helpful and hopeful but does nothing to keep my head level! Lol.
    So sorry to hear about your miscarriage, hope you and DH are ok.xx
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