Cheap ovulation tests

Hey girls,

we are on 1st month of ttc and I brought some cheap ovulation tests off ebay,

has anyone got any experience with these as I did one last night and got 2 lines, the control line and another one
which wasn't as dark as control line but not far off!!

I would upload a piccie but don't know how too!!!

Also does it mean ur ovulating there and then or over sort of 24hrs???

Thanks very much in advance

lou x:\)


  • hiya xloux and welcome image

    i just bought some ebay cheapies too, so this is our first month of using them, we have been ttc 6 months. a + is when the test line is as dark as, or daker then the control line. when u get the + u should ov within 12-36 hours (i think) so i reckon as urs is strong already u may get ur + in the next couple of days, as son as u get ur + bd that evening image good luck xxxxx
  • OOh Lou i was gonna msg u to ask if youd have a + yet seen as were on same days. Ive not had one yet. Making poor hubby bd everynight till i do just so i dont miss
    Got the two lines, so hopefully Mrs*me* is right an well get them in next day or so.xx
  • Hi nic. I only done it last night, gonna do another one tonight and c if that is darker than last night!!!

    Just seen ur pic, nice to c who I'm talking too lol!!! X
  • hi hun, Told you, you would get addicted !! Joseph is trying to helop me type lol!! you need a photobucket account to load photos on here, but dont ask me any more than that!

    Let us know what happens when you test tonight!

  • Mmmm still no sign of ov? according to ov calculator i would have been most fertile yest but dont think this is right as ive not ov'd yet? ..prob good job as hubby couldnt quite manage if you know what i think im wearing him out bless him!! .. may have to just wait till i get + then start again?
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