How silly can men be?!

We had the chat about trying for baby no 2 over new year and i think his response was 'yeah what the hell, might as well!' but that's not the stupid bit.....oh no....

So we've BD a couple of times this month and then on wednesday night i'm up all night being sick with some virus, OH lies in bed wondering if it's morning sickness!! What does he think he has superman's sperm?! hehe


  • Ha that's so funny! men don't realise how hard it is to actually make a baby, tell him to watch the great sperm race!
    My oh kept telling me he had super sperm, no idea how he knows that as he has no children... and he thought it would happen really easily for us. Well, turns out he was right but i don't like to admit that!
  • i never heard the end of it when i fell pregnant first time round. i fell first month off the pill and hubby just thought he was the bee's knee'
  • Tee hee! Bless them! xxx
  • Mines the opposite, keeps telling me it may not happen for a while and he doesn't have god sperm! I'm sure when I get a BFP next month (and I WILL!!) he'll change his tune lol!
  • great PMA!!!

    My hubby is one of those Oh itll just happen men...pah!!! (im kinda one of those women though as ive only been here a month.........please dont let reality kick in)

    x x x
  • lol, thats so funny. although we have a 7 month old hubbie still has no idea about ov time. it just wont sink in no matter how many times i try to explain it.
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