Af help!

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great xmas? :\)

I still haven't had my af yet and I am on cd 43!! I did come off the pill beginning of October and I had my first real af on 16th November but nothing since! :\? Is that normal to wait so long even if you have had your first af...? I have done two poas and both have come back negative. Did cbd on Xmas day and came back Not Pregnant. very depressing. I have been having random af pains, very painful but only last for 5-10 mins and go away. I am so confussed and worried because I had loads to drink on Xmas and if I am pregnant but have a v shy bean that would be awful!! :\( Help me!!!



  • Hey charlotte sorry to hear its been a bit annoying lately! I do hate it when it does that. I was 5 days late on a very irregular cycle with weird pregnant symptoms, then BHAM this morning the b*tch found me image
    I don't know what to suggest as you have done a test, maybe try again soon?

    Hope your ok, xxx
    p.s and dont worry about the drink, i did too and panicked but in the end how many women get pregnant by accident and drink without knowing it, you'll be fine lovely xxx
  • Hey Rosemary, Hope you are well? image

    It's horrible waiting for af to arrive isn't it! Its making me paranoid! image Sorry she arrived for you today. I swear she would arrive this morning because I woke up with af cramps that were really painful! But they went after 10 mins. Nothing yet! I bet I will get her new years eve or something!! Typical!

    Yeah I guess loads of ladies have a drink when they don't know they are pregnant... I am just being silly and thinking I must be pregnant if I am late!! Might buy a First Response and test again in a week if she doesn't arrive!

    Anyone else out there waiting for af to arrive which is really late?! :S I ate loads of chocolate and drank loads of coffee too and made myself feel worse! Boo hoo! LOL Xxx
  • Ah i dont honestly think theres much worse, so eat the chocolate love lol.

    She came and she's not cool, i am actually fed up already. Hate the reminder that I am not pregnant. grrrrrrrr.

    Need chocolate myself!
  • Charlotte please don't worry hun. Everyone panics so much about drinking etc. My OH's sister went on holiday and got off her face every night as well as smoked god knows how much and she was on the pill and still taking it (anti biotics cancelled out her pill which she didnt realise) so she did all that stuff and her baby is due in march and everything is ok. I think all the stress of not doing this and that can sometimes worry your body a bit too much. Enjoy yourself and only think about these things when you get that BFP hun xxx
  • Charlotte, I'm so glad I found your post as I'm in the exact same position as you and I'm going out of my mind!!! I came off the pill at the start of September (after being on it for 10 yrs), had my usual withdrawal bleed and then waited 42 days for my AF. I was pleased it had turned up as thought that meant things were going back to normal. But then 32 days later I thought next AF had arrived, but it came and went within one evening so it wasn't really AF, and now I'm still waiting for my real second AF and it's been 72 days since the first one!! I too keep getting slight cramps and I think this is it, she's on her way...but then nothing happens!! A few times I've had some blood in my discharge when I've wiped after a wee (sorry if tmi!) so again I've thought she's on her way, but no! I went to the dr a couple of weeks a go but she just said that it can take time to get back to normal after the pill so not to worry - but that's easier said than done!! I just want to have a regular cycle so that at least I can know roughly when things are meant to happen. We've been doing lots of BD and I keep telling myself that at some point I'll ovulate and maybe we'll catch it. But I'm worried too about eating the wrong things and drinking - I drank quite a lot of Christmas, but I'm convinced I can't get PG at the moment! I keep doing PT's in the hope that maybe one day that second line will show up, but deep down I know I'm not PG!! It's driving me mad and I think it's starting to drive my hubby mad now too because it's all I can think about (although he's loving the extra BD!!!) xx
  • Hello ladies, I am in exactly the same boat, came off the pill October 5th after 9 years, waited 8 weeks for my first AF, when that came hoped things would be regular. I am now on CD32, no sign of AF but BFN on FR. I know I am not pregnant but until AF comes you can't quite give up that last bit of hope. I just want regular cycles so I can at least give this a proper shot!! I have eaten cheese, peanuts, and my own body weight in chocolate to try and make myself feel better so it is probably a good thing I haven't been lucky anyway!

    SIGH!! Good luck to you all, hope we aren't stuck in this frustrating pattern for long :cry:
  • I feel your pain!
    I came off the pill in september and by end of november i'd lost all hope of being able to TTC.
    Turned out my AWOL AF was infact a BFP so don't lose hope!
    Hope she comes for you all soon ladies xx

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  • Double post...whoops x

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  • Oooh congratulations alzywalzywoo!!!! You must be so happy! Fingers crossed the same happens for the rest of us! xx
  • Hey ladies, thanks for your replies. I am glad i'm not the only one but not so happy we have to suffer with irregular cycles... wish I was told how crappy it would be coming off the pill and I would have not gone on it!!

    You never guess what, I thought it would happen- my af arrived this morning!! Light though but still annoying!! Typical that af arrives for New Years, great!! Sort of glad in some way to get bfn this month cos at least I can drink and not feel bad.

    Tink- Oh I bet your OH's sister was a bit shocked when she found out she was pregnant, that's naughty the doctor or pharmacist should have told her the antibiotics would affect the pill. image

    Congratulations on your bfp alzywalzywoo image I really hope January 2010 is a good year for me and all the ladies ttc!

    Just so annoying my af arrives when I posted this! Oh well, mind is at rest now and I can stop overrreacting at the stupidist of things! hehe LOL image Right more chocolate for me! xXx

  • glad to hear you found the chocolate love, xxx

  • At least you can stop worrying now CharlotteB2B...and eat chocolate and drink lots on new year's!! I wish AF would bloomin' turn up for me (or a BFP obviously!) Hubby says we should make another appointment to see the dr if AF isn't here by end of next week (think he's being driven mad and wants my mind put to rest!!!) I would defo feel better if I knew that all was ok and it was just a waiting game. Have a good new year's eve!! xx
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