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9 days to ov days??? anyone waiting??

Af came last week so back to count down again to ov..anyone joining in?? trying the relax approach, just going to try the any other day approach, if I can manage it!!


  • hi im on day 5 so i think this month i will try every other day if i have the energy lol xxx
  • hi im on day 5/28 so will be ttc from next week. going to try and relax a bit more this month but not easy. good luck girls xx
  • I'm on day 12 today and according to I'm supposed to ovulate on Thursday. So we've been very busy over the weekend and intend to BD every day this week so hopefully we won't miss it!! Fingers crossed! Good luck everyone xx
  • Hi,

    I'm currently on cd 7 so due to ov sometime towards the end of next week. This is our first proper full month of trying as I had my coil removed half way through last month. I have a cycle of between 28 to 35 days so we're going to try the every other day approach from beg next week. Well so I've told him anyway!

    Good luck all x
  • Hi
    cd 8 today for me, mth 3 TTC since MMC in july.

    We tried the every other day method last mth but my cycle was 5dys longer than the mth before so I think I OVd a week later than I thought.
    I dont think we bd at the right time so I'v told OH we'r going to do it up until AF is due then I know we'v done our best. :\)
    I'v been using & that says I'm going to OV about the 6th but we'll just bd all mth to make sure, my OH is quite happy to oblige.

    Good Luck to everyone.

    Helen x x

  • well accordin to am due to ov on the 8th nov!
    problem is oh is on really bad shift pattern at mo so not much bd, i guess it wont be my month!
  • sweetangelemma
    You never know you might just catch the egg at the right time.
    Good Luck
  • hi, everyone, good luck this month, yes I wk shift too, so it might to quite hard, but I hope they are so fireworks next week lol!!
  • 7 days to go til OV for me.... and tried hard this month, but in a fun way!!! Hubby does not know when my cycle is so it means he is always relaxed and not under pressure - def helps!!! This way he does not get disappointed too - he is almost more desperate than me to have a baby of our own, although stopped preventing 12 months ago.....

    Good Luck lovely's
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