Lovely day and no af whoo hooo

Hi girls,
Well i've just got back from a lovely day at Eden Hall Spa in Newark, Notts. I've had a deep tissue massage and facial and an Indian Head Massage which i didn;t like. The facial and massage were lovely. I nearly fell asleep in both and could have stayed laying there forever. Best bit is af didn't show up. I was half expecting her to show her ugly head whilst laying half naked on the massage table but she stayed away. Whoo hooo. Just gotta keep that up and hope i get a BFP soon. I'm on cd26 of a ??? day cycle. Last month was 26 but there is no telling.
Anyway just thought i'd share, no particular question or anything!!


  • what a great day!!! just what i coul do with!!!
  • hurrah!!!! lots of pma and babydust for you!!!!

    Sounds like you had a gorgeous day!! I'm turning a little bit green as we speak!!! :lol:
  • Hi Slow

    I've never posted on your threads before, but i've read some and you seem just so nice!!

    So i just wanted to say that i'm glad you had a fab day and fingers crossed that you get your BFP soon!

  • Hope she doesnt show up and you get your bfp.

    Whats involved in an indian head massage?
  • Well done you.......
  • Thanks girls.
    Sevans the Indian Head massage isn't what i expected. She massaged my neck and shoulders then my face and then my head. The head bit was a bit weird becasue it was just like her rubbing her fingers thro my hair and rubbing my scalp a bit. (not really sure what i did expect!) My hair looked like i'd had my head in a deep fryer after because she put oil in it to massage. First thing i did when i got home was wash my hair!!! lol. I think i felt sick becasue it was the first thing i had done and i was feeling sick as i have been doing all this week (still no BFP) and it was a warm room with no fresh air.
  • Really pleased you had such a good day, and even more pleased af didnt arrive. Everthing crossed that she stays away.x
    ps, cant say the idea of the head massage appeals!
  • Aw, glad you had a good day - hope SHE continues to realise she is not welcome and stays away for you! x
  • Sounds like a lovely day. Might just have to do something similar myself soon! Hope af stays away.
  • glad you had a great time and also that af stayed away, perhpas cycle will be a bit longer and bfp is still brewing. Fingers crossed.
    Shame you had a bad experience with the indian head massage as was a fave of mine pre pg. I never had any oil with mine though, you can have without.
    Filo x
  • Hi Slow glad you had a lovely day! Hang in there!!!!xxx
  • sounds like you enjoyed it! hope af tstays away for u hun xxxx hugs xx
  • glad you had a good day image

    fingers crossed AF stays away!
  • Sounds like a fab day hun! Sooo jealous! :lol: And great that af still a no-show. Hope she stays away too! Good luck for this month hun xx

  • ooh sounds like you had a lovely day. really pleased AF has stayed away. hope BFP is round the corner for you!!!!!!!
  • Thought about you this morning SLOW, wondering how your day had gone yesterday. Glad to hear it was good and more importantly that af didn't surprise you mid-massage!

    lots of luck for the next few days. xxxx
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