Anyone watching Channel 4?

13 kids and wanting more - I think 13 might be a bit more than I'd like image


  • I'm watching , it's making me a little mad though. Some of those kids had no sheets on their bed!!
  • yeah but oh is giving me the eye told him no chance ill be happy with 1 more
  • Yeah I am watching it too! cant believe that man doesnt work with all those children, its ridiculous! and his attitude about his poor wife!
  • the one house is so dirty and full of junk i know im not perfect but my house is always tidyish
  • i do feel sorry for her as she does look worn out dont look as if he helps out much even though he dont work
  • I thought I wanted a big family but seeing the reaction to the woman ttc #14 shows it is as intense however many you have or haven't got. Don't think i can go through all this again if we ever fall pg xxx
  • They cant spend quality time with each of them surely! must cost a fortune for everything image
  • I love seeing the reaction when they fall pg, I cant wait for that feeling! if it happens X
  • i think its bloody ridiculous thats far too many and that household is dirty the kids never even had and quilt covers.yuck and i aint the cleanest of ppl but not like that.
    get sterilised for gods sake lol
  • its all weel and good wanting that many children but i think they should be looking after the ones they have before having anymore. do you notice that its always people like that who have no problem conceiving.
  • I think that little man who wouldn't work is just trying to show the world he's more than able to provide a family... he did that about 8 kids earlier!! His poor wife was knackered! The house was filthy, there was writing all over the wall which i would never allow and did you hear him say he keeps his kids in nappies longer then normal (no time to potty train i guess) And i was shouting at the tv, stop being a lazy f***er and get a job!! We're the ones feeding his family!!!!! AAARRRHH xx Sorry rant over xx
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