No BFP, but now two days late...still too early?

Ok. So I posted on here Thursday sure that AF was on way as I had been having cramps on Wednesday and Thursday. However, still no sign of her and I'm now CD30. Did test this morning but no sign of a line. I spoke to one of the nurses at work and she gave me some preg tests and said to do one today but expect a faint line if there is one, then if neg repeat two days later. So BFN this morning but still no sign of AF and all cramping has stopped. Only thing is I see that people get their BFP after only 11 DPO, so I can't be pregnant surely as it should be showing up by now (I reckon I'm about 15DPO). Has anyone had neg this far along and then got a positive later on?

HELP! Feeling a bit sad image


  • Hello!
    Just read your post and it's very similar to one I've just posted as well. I don't have any answers I'm afraid but understand how you feel. I'll be interested to see what everyone has to say. Fingers crossed for you!
  • Any you too! Just posted a reply on your topic! image
  • Hey girls, you hear of people getting BFP's after 1 or 2 weeks of waiting for AF to turn dont give up hope...AF staying away is a good sign.

    Keep testing every 2 days if she doesnt show & your HCG levels will be increasing every day, it just may be a shy bean

    I'm not saying you definately are but dont give up home...will keep my fingers crossed for you image
  • Hey tigger roo I'm on cd 30 as well and no af! Cramps on Monday - Wednesday and last two days nothing! I don't know when I ov'd though and think my cycles are trying to sort theirselves out after coming off of pill!! Fingers crossed though it's a shy bean for all of us! Xx

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  • Im 2 or 3 days late but not testing until m at least a week overdue, fingers crossed u gets you bfps soon x
  • Hi! Just wondered how you are all getting on? I'm a week late today and still waiting. Have got Dr.s appt thursday so hopefully will get some answers or at least some advice. Fingers crossed!
  • AF started yesterday - very heavy and extremely painful. Was in so much pain, I actually felt dizzy and really sick image Feel a bit better today and much lighter. On to next month for me! Good luck for you though - hope you get your BFP image x
  • Boo to the witch showing up huni...I have been the same with mine so heavy and painful...was really worried at one point but she seems to be making her way now thank god....onto the next month with a boat load of PMA xxxxx
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