af late

well my af is about 2 days late its neally sunday morning and no show i have nevre been late but the thing is iv got in to some financal problems oh hit the roof and told me to go back on the pill which up set me so much this all kicked off monday and i have been very very upset and constently crying all the time from arguing sorry speelings gone out the window financaly we carnt afford to have a baby know but i don t know if being up set has any thing to do with no af sorry foe going on some advise would be great thanks.;( x


  • Aw hon, didnt want to R+R...I'm sure everything will be fine BFP or BFN...If its meant to happen now, it will.

    Things will work themselves out! image

    Hope your feeling better this morning!

    x x x x
  • Thanks for the replie feel a little better thanks still no af though think it may be here soon started to get some cramps so think it's on the way.x
  • hey jay79 i know how you feel, my partner just lost his job after christmas and i have completely missed my last af, my next one is due on saturday. I have taken numerous hpt's and they are all coming back negative, not quite sure what is wrong with me lol. gonna leave it to see if i miss this one and then if i do i will go to the docs.

    Its a struggle and its a worry but everything will work out in the end, things happen for a reason, its not gonna stop us from trying.

    hope everything is ok xx
  • thanks for your kind words girls.x
  • Hi Jay - could just be stress hun as that can cause periods to be delayed xx
    I dont think anyone is in a really good position financially (unless they are really really rich). Does your OH know that you are late? xx
  • Hi hun, have you tested? x
  • hi ladies well what can i say oh has carmed down know and evey thing is much better i told him i was late and i tested to day but bfn the thing is( bit of tmi sorry ) when i wiped yesterday there was the faintist pink blood now nothing still and no bfp i was using the tests hrom the hospital my ml got for me think i will go get a supper drug one today this is really doing my head in know am i coming on or not just whish my body would make up its mind

    oh got really excited yester day bless him then he couldnot blive that i did not get a bfp never mind.x
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