Waving a shy hello...

Hi all - I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself! I am 29 and live in Scotland. I have been married since May and I had my implant out this evening image so now ready for lots of UPSI (well, almost but not quite as AF annoyingly appeared this morning - of all mornings!) So will be beginning in a week or so once she's gone!

We are going to try and take it casually for a few months at least (maybe easier said than done?!) but of course I am hoping for good news as soon as possible - just keep reminding myself that these things can take a long time and I have absolutely no idea what my post-implant cycles will be like. However, I have initial PMA in abundance due to being just extremely happy to be liberated from the implant once and for all! :lol:

Baby dust to all and I look forward to chatting with you over the coming months. xx


  • Welcome Tilty I had my imlant out on Saturday and started having UPSI yesterday!

    OH said he felt free now the implants gone lol

    Lots and lots of baby dust to you and have lots of fun tryingimage
  • Hi hun, welcome to BE, fingers crossed for a quick bfp! xxx
  • hello, nice to *meet* you, hopefully your stay in ttc will be a short one.

    lots of baby dust to you

    x x x
  • *waves*

    Hello Tilty, welcome to BE...hope you stay in TTC is a short one (in the nicest possible way)

    x x x
  • welcome to be image from another jock x :lol:
  • welcome hun, im from sctoland too. hope your stay with is isnt too long.xxxx
  • Hi I'm another Scot!! Hope we'll all be moving on to one of the 'due in' threads really soon! x
  • Thank you all for the hellos and nice to *meet* you all! I'm willing AF to hurry up and go on her way - can't believe she'll be here for Valentine's day :cry: Still, plenty of time for lots of BD-ing in the weeks/months to come I am sure! Good luck to all TTC at the moment and hope lots of us will be moving to 'due in...' before too long (eek!)
  • Another scot here

    Good luck ttc everyone x
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