The Pill

Hi girls I was wondering if it made any difference at all as to how long a women is on the pill when it comes to coming off the pill and TTC??

K xxx


  • Hi K-lou

    I have heard both that you are more likely to conceive straight after coming off the pill and also heard that it takes time to get out of your system and so not sure that there is a standard answer - sorry

    I stopped the pill last month and so can let you know next weekend which category I fall into!!

  • I have also heard the same as MrsRoss, but i came off the pill about 3 months ago and have my fingers crossed for next weekend too! Will also let you know the outcome!
  • I came off the pill after being on it for approx 10 years and got pregnant very quickly. I came off it at the start of November and had a proper period in December then started try and was pregnant by the end of January. I had a period in Jan and that was it.
  • Thanks girls, I came off it a week ago and we will start trying as soon as AF ends. We will see what happens, my friend said it makes a difference to how long you have been on the pill but I guess thats not the case image

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