how will you tell hubby?

mmmm so girlies, i was thinking last night of a sweet way to tell hubs when i get a bfp. i no its a strange thing to think about lol, and im not pg yet and no bfp, but i dont usually test with him, so i thought maybe when i do get my bfp, i can go out, buy a cbd, so its says pregnant 2-3 weeks or whatever and get a little baby grow or something put them in a nice gift bag, and say i got him a gift, then he opens it, out comes bfp? what u reckon? anyone else have any cute ideas on how to tell hubs/oh?



  • The thing is, you will need to go out and buy it before your BFP because it's so hard to keep it from them when they walk through the door!

    Last month i was so convinced we'd done it i brought OH a daddy to be father's day card. My symptoms were that strong! But obviously i couldn't give it him so when i get my BFP i'm gonna give it to him as a belated one lol!

    Now i just need a BFP!
  • ah thats nice, i remember with our DS, i was on the loo (classy) and he was in the bath, and i just passed it to him with a motionless expression on my face - so not romantic but totally summed up the moment!

    i think the idea you have is great , maybe give him a 'Congratulations' card...
  • Hey ladies,

    Love these ideas!! I haven't even thought of this yet....need to think of little things like this to keep me going i thinkimage

  • awww lady2188, sowwy, will still be cute when u give it to him tho image i work til 5, and hubs works til 7, so i would have time to get bfpp, then get a cbd and sort it all b4 he gets home so hopefully it works out that way anyways lol

    lol hayulz! how funny! yeah and a crd too, im liking this thread already image

    any more suggestions? x
  • the one problem with the CBD is that it often doesnt show up as positive for a few days after you get a bfp on a normal test... so you'd have to put your normal BFP test in. HAve visions of you getting your BFP, binning it and buying a CBD, then getting not preg and paniking or trawling through the bin looking for the original!! :lol:

    I always tested with hubby so didnt have that problem, but the card and baby grow idea is very sweet. Hubby would have killed me if I'd have tested without him!! He was the same with first pg; wanted to be there with me when the line came up. :\)

    Booties are another good idea as well, instead of a baby grow.
  • lmao, ok thanks grafield. *noted* lol. ooo booties! love it! bless, my hubs doesnt like to be stressed about it, so he dont wanna no when im oving or due etc, he just wants to bd as much as poss and let him no when im pg, lol. hes odd? but he did buy me some ov sticks yesterday, so cant wait for them to arrive, dunno why he says that tho, coz when i pounce on him 3 days in a row its obvs im gonna be ov'ing coz i would never usually do that lol. xxx
  • G/C.

    With this one I tested on saturday morning, he was at work and waiting until he got home was SOOO hard! When he came in I just sat him down, said "there's something I need to tell you" and produced the test. He was gobsmacked lol!
  • ooo sounds great clareabella! loving ur pic btw image thats my plan, to totally suprise him image xxxxx
  • I have no idea yet but Love this thread!!! OO it's got me thinking now!
  • OMG I was only thinking about this last night.....thought I would do a CBD and then wrap it up in a box like a present and give it to him that way over a nice dinner.....however.....I am loving the baby grow idea hun image xxx
  • hehe great minds think alike image
  • Definitely huni pops {{{{{{{BIG HUGS}}}}}}}}
  • oooh loving this thread image
    something which i hadnt even thought about. with this being our first would be nice to surprise hubby with a BFP image fingers crossed we all get one soon girlies xx
  • lol well i got the idea from glee, (yes im one of the sad people that watches this) and the teachers wife had a congratdulations banner up and she was waiting next to their dining room table with the banner behind her, and 2 glasses of fruit juice in champagne glasses and said ur going to be a dad, i thought taht was really sweet and special. so wanted to do something similar image xxx
  • Hey, *me*

    Im glad you have done this thread, its a good idea coz i am too thinking of a way of presenting a BFP to him. I might do something similar and wrapping it in baby clothing rather than bawling my eyes and running up to him excitedly. hehe

  • I bought the baby grow that I want to give OH too LOL
    bought it ages ago and I am sure that if we ever get BFP it will be for the completely wrong season and bubba will never wear it LMAO

  • Aw what a cute thread, I remember when my SIL did her test she left it on the side for my bro to come across and when he found it he didn't realise what it was and thought she was asking him to do a drugs test! lol (i should prob explain my bro did drugs years and years and years and years ago so not a complete random thought on his half lol) xxxx
  • Totally g/c and slightly off topic. But i went for a private scan on xmas eve, i was 17 weeks exactly and found out we were having a boy. I never told my hubby i was going and on the way home i bought a blue its a boy teddy and a photoframe. I put the scan picture in the frame and wrapped it up and put it under the tree. It was so hard to keep it from him for a whole day but totally worth the reaction which i filmed. Good luck ttc ladies hope you all get bfp's soon x
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