tested this morning at 13dpo and BFN !! gutted!!

hey girls tested this morning at 13dpo and nothing i am gutted its hubbys birthday aswell!realy wanted it for his birthday aswell! feel really bad as put a downer on his day!! xxxxx


  • hey hun. its not over till af arrives, esp with just coming off the pill! i really hope their is a shy bean in there. hope u get your BFP really soon x
  • Oh Ellie's mummy, you still have a chance tho, AF is not here yet!!! Keeping all fingers and toes crossed for you!! I'm a day late now, but far too nervous to test... xx
  • Aww honey I am so sorry....maybe it is just too early though, keep everything crossed for you xxx

    Hope you have a nice day with hubby xx
  • i thought most test show up by now though!!! i really think i am out! fingers crossed thought the witch stays away!!!
  • awwww im sorry hun image xxx
  • Awwww don't worry honey, it's still early. Just have a lovely day with your gorgeous little family. It will happen soon I promise xxxx
  • Really sorry hun. I'm sure it won't be long though. xx
  • Sorry Kelly. I'm also out this month! Now CD45 no af and BFN!! No way I'm in with a chance. If I was it would surely be showing by now!! Hope year okay.x. Just wish af would come now so I can start agaiin! Xxx
  • awww nic hope you are ok and af starts again soo so you can start again i am thinking deffo out as no pma what so ever i just feel rubbish achey all over hope im not getting a bug! did 2 test today a sd and ebay cheepy and both no so hurry up af then i can start again!!!he he
  • hey girls i am now 14dpo and can feel the witch is on her way!! get dull stomach ache when she is on her way and have this this morning and last night. also had a very pale brown streak in cm sooo just waiting for her to come now!! then it is onto month two!!cant believe how many bfp's we have had this month lets hope next month is a good month aswell!!!! xxxxx
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