10DPO - who wants to join!?

i am taking the scary step to claim that i am 10DPO and still in the running!

I feel like af is JUST around the corner and my temps havent risen again yet. but gotta keep the pma going and would love to see some others' symptoms!

so far mine are:

VERY strong AF pains yesterday. convinced she was coming (but knew it was far too early)
sensitive nips (permanently erect! TMI!)
dizzy spells

anyone else near 10DPO and have any symptoms to share?! xx


  • Hi Livvy, i'm 11/12DPO - AF due wed. I've had NO real symptoms of pregnancy or AF which is strange for me as the past few months i've had sore boobs and AF cramps at this stage and then AF arrives bang on time on wed?! really don't know what to think!

    I hate all this waiting and really wanna test now but really wanna wait until thurs! xo
  • hi rainbow! well, in a way, your lack of symptoms might be a good thing! especially if you normally get them and it turns out to be af! fingers crossed for you!
    i am SOOO tempted to test early too - might have a sneaky one tomorrow or weds morning, seeing as there was BOGOF at superdrug last week! i have quite a few! image
  • i'm kinda hoping my lack of symptoms are a good sign but have a feeling AF may just show up on wed! How long have you been TTC? this is our 3rd month but first month i actually knew when i OV so i still feel a little hopeful xo
  • haha, EXACTLY the same for us! 3rd month trying (well, 4th but my cycles were so long, its actually 3 cycles) and 1st month my cycles have been back to normal and i actually caught OV on OPK and charted temp!
    gotta keep that PMA going!
    i have been having the feeling AF is just about to arrive and really really hope she doesnt - horrid witch xx
  • I thought I had symptoms which includes sore BB, cramps, nauseated.

    After my BFN yesterday i wasn't feeling nauseated anymore so I guess it was all in my head making myself feel sick :/

    AF is a day or 2 away :/
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