Who have you told?

Before OH and I gave up TTC last time we'd mentioned it to a bunch of friends and my sister (who is my best friend in the whole world). When I say "we" I mean "my OH" - he couldn't keep his mouth shut!!! Well then we gave up for a while and I felt like a bit of a tit :lol:!

So this time round I have forbidden him from telling anyone that we are TTC but last night he pretty much begged me to let him tell his best friend :lol: (this was before the "I don't think we're ready" talk but that's another story, he's over it...we're still TTC thank God).

So at the moment the only person who knows we're TTC is his best friend (who I really do trust and think will keep it quiet).

Have you ladies told anyone or are you trying to keep it on the down-low?


  • I've told my sister ( who is also my best friend in the whole world ), and my three closest girlfriends as I have given up drinking to help the cause :0)

    read your post re oh.... Last month I got "when are you due on so I can start panicking" so I know how you feel Hun lol !

  • well the only person i told was my best friend, i told her the month before we started trying, biggest mistake ever, 2 months later she tells me shes pregnant and that after id told her we were gna start tryin she went home and told her bf and they decided to stsrt sraight away so now shes nearly 3mnths gone!!!! im so jealous, ive avoided her since she told me.
    i feel like such a bad friend image
    so basically watch who u tell lol xxx
  • ive told my mum and 4 of my closest friends.
    we already have an 18month old so i dont think its a surprise to anyone tbh! xxx
  • Men are wonderful aren't they Shirls! I don't think they fully understand exactly how attached we get to the idea of a tiny bub...they don't have the maternal instincts after all! It's okay though, they have us to reassure them :lol:! I've considered telling my sister again because she was so excited last time but I think I'm going to hold back...I want to see her face when we eventually get to tell her that I'm pregnant image! The telling close girlfriends for the stopping drinking cause is a fab idea!

    Oh no miss-to-mrs, that's such a shame! I would be gutted if that happened to me image! You're not being a bad friend...this TTC malarkey is so difficult and is a big strain on our emotions. I'm sure your friend will understand. Hopefully you'll get your BFP soon and your bubs can be friends too image
  • Mrs Waggy that's lovely that you can tell your mum! Don't get me wrong, I love my mum to bits and she's one of my closest friends but I wouldn't be able to tell her that we're TTC. I don't know why...maybe the idea of my dad finding out (I love him dearly too, he's the best dad in the world).......we're a very close family but I think my dad knowing that we BD would be too much! He's ridiculously prudish which has rubbed off on me and I sincerely like him to believe that I'm a virgin. When I do eventually fall pregnant I'm going to tell him that it's down to a miraculous conception :lol:
  • We have told the diabetic nurse and that is it. My friends are obsessed with us having kids and keep asking when we'll start trying but I am worried it'll take ages so don't want to keep getting asked how things are going so keep saying "ooooh well there's so much change just now so not for now". I also have this romantic idea of surprising everyone by telling them when we are pregnant. Part of me wold love to talk to my frends about it BUT I just think they would go on and on. xxx
  • My friends are amazing, they don't talk about it unless I being it up, we are of an age where we know it could take me a long while and they are really sensitive to that...I'm very blessed to have them!!

    As for the OH, as long as he is getting his oats he's not really brooding over it lol... Although the "my son would be blah blah" comments are starting to come thick and fast now lol... God help me if we have a girl lol

  • Hi my docs know due to factor v Leiden but after that I told best mate, parents and 3 male friends who don't know each other or most of my other friends. I gave up drinking and smoking which is posing a problem as people keep asking why and if I am pregnant! I guess I can't give up my partying ways without someone noticing lol x
  • ive told one of my friends who is pregnant coz she asked me if it was making me broody when i was so excited for her. i asked her not to tell anyone else and im sure she wont. i would never ever EVER tell my mum we're ttc coz id never hear the end of it. she wouldnt approve and end up stressing me out!!
  • Laura_T, we often get the "oh so when are you going to start a family" question.....have been together 5 years and only moved in together just over a year ago so we are slow movers haha! OH has told me that marriage isn't going to be on the cards for a loooong, long time but he's prepared to try for bubs before then (we're not exactly traditional :lolimage. I have a grand picture in my head of how I'm going to tell everyone but I think I'd rather just tell them all I'm pregnant rather than we're trying to get pregnant and then again when I eventually am pregnant. I don't like being the centre of attention much!

    Shirls you're friends sound very sweet. I'm sure mine would be supportive if we let them all know but like I say I'm just not too keen on the attention. Oh and I don't want to look like a plonker if (God forbid) it takes us forever or if it turns out we can't conceive. God I hope that's not the case!

    Jellybean I understand where you're coming from with the stopping drinking! My brother's birthday and a friend's birthday are on the same day this month and it just so happens that I think I'll be in the middle of the 2WW at the time so I'm going to have to come up with an excuse for not drinking with them. Joys!

  • ive told my dad, my brother and his gf as they are trying as well and bout 4 friends. people go when r u havin a kid i just saying when it happens x
  • I'm the same hun, I try to dodge the question if I'm honest. Kind of laugh nervously and say "oooh no, not yet I don't think". Ha! Good luck TTC image x
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