Poor OH trying to stop smoking etc

Poor OH, he's trying soooo hard to stop smoking & drinking coffee under doctors orders to try to improve his Sperm Count, motility etc.
Wish I could make it easier for him. I'm trying to eat sensibly and lose weight incase I also have problems then at least it might help, especially if we do end up having to have IVF.
Does anyone know if you can get treatment even if you are overweight?


  • Hi luv,
    hope you are good.
    I am about 3 to 4 stone over weight as well and I am starting to panic a bit that if we have to have IVF that I won't get treated.
    Glad to hear that didn't happen to you.
    Will still try and shift some though as it may help our chances naturally as well.
    How's the Pregnancy going?
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