feel like maybe........

i dont want to get hopes up as this is 1st month of ttc,so i may just be super optimistic.
but my belly has been hurting lastfew days,yesterday and today more so, like period pains. i also keep waking up in the night restless and feeling like my boobs are sore but there not generally in the day.
i ovulated roughly 02-5th may and so im wondering could these be early symptoms?


  • Could be. Period symptoms are often like pregnancy symptoms though. When is your period due?
  • They sound a little like I'm feeling mrskc. I have that slight heaviness I get before af due and I feel really drained. If I ovulated it was last weekend or early this week. Lets hope these are good signs for us. Everything crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!xx
  • im due on 19th,but yeah afa symptoms are similiar.....have to just wait and see i guest. although these pains are not as strong as AF pains i usually get period coming on and there constant Af pains usually come and go,but ill wait and see otherwise i will be more disapointed.
    good luck to us all!

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  • as the day goes on pains getting stronger,told hubbie but i will feel crap if we are not pg as he sounded excited,although i did tell him that it could be period pains too

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