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Help...(TMI) - pink tinged cm? What does it mean?

Sorry I know this has been a topic but just spent an unsuccessful 10 mins trying to find it...

What does cm with pink tinge mean?


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  • hey honey, dont worry. it depends what cd your on, meaning say your cycle is usually 28 days long, say on cd24 u got this pink tinge, its most likely to be a sign that AF is on way. but if your say due on or are actually late it can be a sign of early pregnancy. if its mid cycle it could be ovulation possibly. i hope this helps sorry if it doesnt

    god luck
    baby dust to all
  • Ah right I didn't realise could be all those, well I reckon Im on cd 25 (stopped pill on 03/12), so most likely a af sign....??!!
  • seeing as u have only just stopped the pill u may be ovulating late! alot of people when they first stop the pill don't have an af until 6 weeks. i only ever get pink tinged cm when i am ov. xx
  • could be implantation bleed depending on how long your cycles are. Also any of suggested above. Good luck and hope its not af. Filo x
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