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Afternoon ladies,

Hope you're all having a good Tuesday. Just needed to come on and have a bit of a moan - sorry!! I'm 7dpo today and for the last two days my temperature has gone down which I'm taking as a sign that I will not be getting a BFP this month : ( I know it's only our first month ttc so I didn't really expect us to be lucky enough for it to happen first time, but I suppose I always had that tiny bit of hope that maybe we would be one of the lucky ones!!! Anyway just wanted to get it off my chest as I do feel quite disappointed, I suppose at least it means I will be more realistic next month.



  • Hi Trixie,

    I didn't want to read and run. Just to let you know last month was my first 'cycle' and to be honest it was a bit hap-hazard, but although I was sure I wasn't pregnant, there was a little bit of hope and then I really got swept away with all the symptom spotting and things that my MIL said to me, only to get my AF, bang on time.

    The way I'm looking at it is it gives me another month to save-up, get on with losing weight and not have to worry if I'll fit in my wedding dress in April, plus lots more bd-ing and of course filling in temp charts and analysing everything on Fertitlity Friend, and of course coming on here to see how everyone is doing.

    Yes, it is a pang when you see and hear people getting pregnant without trying, but on here some people get pregant after taking ages trying, which gives me hope (I just feel that I won't conceive easily). I'll still symptom spot as I think it's a great way to pass the 2ww, but I'll do it realistically not hanging my hopes on it like last month.

    I've vowed this month not to get carried away and only do a hpt if my af is late, symptoms or no symptoms. If I do get the urge I have some cheapie Amazon hpt which I'll use as I don't actually think they'll work so getting a bpn won't be upsetting or a surprise.

    Keep your chin-up - you've only tried for 1 month.

    Hope to see you around as you seem a positive and helpful person on the other posts

  • Hi Arls0308,

    Thanks so much for your reply. I think you're right, it's easy to get carried away in the first month because it's all just so exciting. It's also a great point that as I carry on ttc I still get to come on here and chat to all the lovely ladies whilst I chart to my hearts content and ss away!! I think I will try and do as you are doing and not let myself obsess over it next month and just have fun with it.

    Sorry for getting down on my first month, I feel like a right selfish cow when I know that there are people that try for a really long time before it happens...thanks for reminding me of that!!

    Oh and congratulations on your upcoming wedding, how exciting!!! It's great that you've got that to take your mind of the ttc thing too. I'm sure we'll speak before but I hope it's a wonderful day and that all the preparations go well : )


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  • Hi trixie,

    Thank you - not getting married until April, although know after Christmas it's just going to go so quickly, I'd love to be pregnant for my wedding, but stressing that if I catch now I may not fit into my dress - been spending time looking at ladies 19 week bumps online!!

    You shouldn't apologise for how you feel, I was really low last month when I came on, but you never know what may be, and at the moment we can be more positive as it's only our 2nd month ttc and we can enjoy the next 2 weeks having a drink and possibly some hot toddy for christmas!!

    Good luck honey and we're all going through it on here, so you're never alone and I'll guarentee no matter what horrible thoughts you may have, one of us will have had them at some point too!

  • Trust me it will definitely fly past, especially that last month. Before you know it it'll be the night before and it will feel very surreal that you'll be getting married the next day : ) Hope you get your bump by then!!

    Thanks so much for understanding hun, it's lovely having people that understand, and I'm definitely going to take your advice!

    Here's to us bth getting our BFP's very, very soon!!.x.

  • **passes her bestest internet friend ever a big bar of mint choc aero**

    Let's guzzle it together

    xx xx xx
  • Love you for that PP!! How did you know I love mint aero?? Especially the bubbles version!! Thanks honey.x.
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