hmmm, what's going on?

Hi Girls

Wonder if you can help! As you'll know I'm on the longest cycle ever, and so far no sign of OV through BBT tracking. Had brown cm for about 2 weeks, and then yesterday woke up feeling rough, and AF arrived in the morning. But then it stopped about lunchtime! And not a thing since!!

Any ideas?? If you have an anovulatory cycle will af be really short as there's not much to flush out? Was it AF?

I'm booked to get blood taken on monday as doc said to get tests between CD1 and 5, so I got on the phone yesterday to book. I've also booked an appt with a private gynae in a couple of weeks which I'm hoping my GP will do the referral for so it's covered on my insurance.

Just a bit confused now.....



  • hi hun,sorry cant really help with your question but just wanted to send hugs and hope you get all this sorted soon.xxxxx
  • Thanks sweetie, hope you're well and not getting too many bad symptoms!! xxx

    Any ideas anyone????
  • im not sure hun but i wouldnt go on bbt alone is its such a variable, have u used opks? sorry if its a daft q! good luck xx
  • hi hun, im ok thanks. just a bit tired and sicky but not complaining and other than that im ok.

    really hope you get some anwsers soon.xxxx
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