pg tests - help!!

Hi ladies
can you help? af is due sat, i think i ov around 20th jan, have had lots of pg symptoms, however no usual af symptoms, i stupidly did a test a week ago which i knew would be negative, and also did a fr 6 day early test on monday mornin, also neg, do you think i should test tomorrow morning?? im desperate to know, my sil has said that she used fr 6 day early one and it said neg for her and she was preg, and a lady i work with said her preg test said not pregnant 2 days after af was due... im confused!!

thanks x x


  • Hi hun, basically it can take up to 2 weeks past your af date for a BFP to show up in your system.

    I should know as AF late - 6 days and was getting BFN so now have been to the docs and will find out on Monday.

    How many dpo are you? and whens af due?

    I wouldd try and wait until day or two after your period is late just due to all the BFN's and heartbreak I have been having.

    How long have you been trying? everyones bodies adjust differently and some people get a BFP 6 days after ovulation and some ladies on here 23-35dpo!!

    Good luck hun and keep us posted xx
  • thanks for your advice, af is due sat (in 2 days) so not long to wait, think i ov 20th jan, althoug not sue!! ( im rubbish at all that, and its like the most important part!!) so just desperate to know!! only been trying 2 months, got married in dec, and stopped taking pill in aug 09 x
  • Aw congrats hun on your wedding and hope you get your BFP soon, you could test tomorrow, what tests are you using?

  • h thanks honey, well obviously im quite new to this, so managed to get the first response 6 day early test on buy one get one free in superdrug, and bought a pack of asda's own, i have one of each left, so might do one tomorrow morning, and save the other one for a few more days if it is neg. i have no idea about the different tests either!!! x
  • Superdrug own tests are 10miu and super sensitive but you should be ok with your FRER if you af due sat hun.

    Am excited for you, good luck x
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