Hate this waiting and am confused!!

Am 13DPO today, started spotting at 9DPO, first was having slight cramping, now all the cramping has gone but still spotting but its starting to stop too, barely had any at all today.

Surely its too early for AF, really thought it could be implantation but as i've never had this before i have no idea what its like :\?
Done a HPT this morn and BFN.
AF is due weds, so think im just going to have to wait it out and see what happens.
Just want to know now :\(



  • Hey em-lou!

    Waiting it out is the best way...hard I know!!

    Fingers crossed for a BFP on Wednesday, it's when I'm testing again too, so I'll look out for your post!

  • Do you think i should test weds morning or wait to see if AF defo doesnt come!?
    You got any symptoms or think you've had implantation?
    Its just this spotting im confused about, never ever spotted before AF, specially almost a week before its due.
    Good luck for weds hun image
  • Hi hun

    Sounds like implantation I would wait and see if AF arrives and if not test the day after.

    Its hard I know but if you test and then af arrives its even worse.

    Good luck

  • I agree totally with sd Hun, I tested today and got a bfn and af was 2 days late...!!

    The longer you wait to test the better.. As hard as it is..

    Fingers crossed for you xx
  • Yeee will just wait now and see what happens.
    Want these next few days to go quick lol.
    Hoping if i am this will be a sticky bean.
    Maybe if i am will be better cause have had implantation, didnt have this with my last 2 pg's.
    I literally think anything to cheer me up lol.
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