Really Struggling...

Well this month is month 7 for us and I've been temping for the past four months. Had definate temp rises on cd 18 to 21...

I caved in and brought a CBFM this month and am on cd19 today and still reading lows. We've still been Bd'ing as I am slightly doubtful about the CBFM still.

I am just really struggling with my emotions this month, its putting a lot of pressure on DH who has been nothing but supportive but I just can't help it. Our best friends have recently announced they are expecting, along with another close set of friends. We were invived to cinner this weekend but I couldn't face being around all the excitment when I just feel so blue.....

Bit of a rant im afraid but I am finding it so difficult to remain positive.


  • Oh Babydancer, I know exactly how you feel. I have really been ttc since may, first month this month doing ov tests best friend at work is 18 weeks pg tomorrow and two other really good friends are pregnant and im so gutted / really emotional too and all cos i want it so much...i wouldn't want them to be feeling hurt like i do each month, but i dont feel it fair when their pregnancies are either unplanned or they have only been trying a couple of months!!!
    I dont want to sound patronising as im desperate for a bfp too, but our times will come when its ready. You WILL get there, I wish you all the luck and if you ever want to chat just FAO me (im always on here, even though i say i wont be!!) xxx
  • Thanks girls for your support.

    Still on low's on CBFM and haven't had my temp rise yet either to indicate ovulation... so testing date is TBC... my LP is normally aroun 10-11 days.. so if I OV soon then i'll be testing before xmas.

    Lets hope my christmas wishes come true.

    Had a much better day today - lots to keep my mind occupated.

    Thanks again.

    Does anyone know if you can go from low striaght to peak on cbfm?

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