When Do I Start my CD?

Hello All,

Just a quickie i have just come off the pill and had a withdrawl bleed a few days after my period after coming off the pill. Do i start CD on first day of my period or first day of withdrawl?
Also are you more likley to settle back into a normal cycle if you have had a withdrawl?

Thanks for the help?


  • Hi and welcome! image CD1 is counted as the first day of full flow period. I'm not too sure about coming off the pill, but I am sure it all depends on how long you were on it for?? Good Luck, you'll find we're a friendly bunch here. Hope you get ur BFP very soon... **babydust**
  • Thanks for your help. When your trying there are so many questions to ask, and i always seem to be thinking about it! I am very greatful for all this help and everyone seems to know so much..

    Thanks xxx
  • CD 1 would be the first day of your withdrawal bleed. You then count up until the day before your next AF. This is how the counting works each month! Having a withdrawal bleed does not mean you will settle into a normal cycle. It is just the usual last bleed of your pill. The body takes a while to settle after the pill so you may or may not go regular. Also, you may go 28 days 1st month and then it changes. I really hope it does go regular for you though hun xx
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