Folic Acid


I just wanted to ask where everyone has got there folic acid from? holland & barrett, boots?,
Ive been off the pill since june so me and hubby are just going to see what happens. I havent started taking folic acid tablets yet so i would like to start v soon.
Secondly ive heard about Pregnacare and i saw it in holland and barrett. is it any better? they dont seem to have as much in quantity compared to folic acid on its own.


  • I am taking the boots one. Was going to get the one that also has all the vitamins but it's rather dear and if ttc takes a while that would add up

  • Hiya, I take the Folic Acid tabs from Tesco's, 120 tablets for under ??2 and they were on 3 for 2 offer, xx
  • I got mine from Boots when they were on 3 for 2. x
  • Hi I take a local chemist brand at the minute but I'm going to switch to pregnacare, mainly just because it contains more vitamins and things. I started a thread asking about it on here a few days ago and everyone recommended (not just pregnacare) but a multivitamin as well as folic acid xx
  • I got mine from Asda. think they're 2 for ??4. figured I'd get the more expensive ones with the other vitamins if and when I fall pregnant. x
  • Superdrug have BOGOF on at the moment x
  • Thanks everyone, I will have a good look around. Im guessing the multi vitamin tablets are huge, I hate taking massive tablets i always get scared swallowing them, thinking they are going to get stuck! lol.
    Might be a good idea for me, im always so tired so going to need to take some sort of iron supplement too, i used to be on ferrous sulphate few years back but it made me constipated.

  • you should also be careful taking multivitamins that aren't pre/post natal reccomended. Some multivitamins contain too much of a particular vitamin (think its vit a but can't remember) which you shouldn't have too much of when pregnant.

    I would defo reccomend starting off on folic acid if you don't like big pills, the pregnacare and generally own brand pregnacare aren't small tablets.

    I started off on a sainsburys own one but they were huge too.....then swapped to just folic acid but this month have started on a pre-natal tablet again as I think I could do with a bumph in certain vitamins. I got mine from the USA though and they are a bit smaller then over here thankfully image

    PP84 x
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