Newbie - Trying for the first time

Hello Ladies, I am 30 years old and my OH and I have just started trying for our first, I came off the pill 3 weeks ago and have had lot's of differents pains / feelings that I have seen you all describe on here, it's been really helpful and i'm now trying to calm down and just let nature take it's course. It's so difficult though, i'm constantly aware of what's going on in my stomach and the slightest twinge I think I might be pg, hopefully it will happen quickley and I won't have to stress out for too long!!


  • Welcome to ttc forum & good luck with all this ttc business. Hopefully you'll not have long to wait til you get your bfp xx
  • Thanks Hilary, fingers crossed x
  • Its a frustrating time but the support on this forum is fab. I'm on my 4th cycle now ttc my 3rd so I'm hoping I wont have too much longer to wait this time

    Hilary x
  • Thanks guys, when did you start trying Claire?
  • Hi love you sound just like me this is my first and I came off the pill three weeks ago. Did you and OH try right away or are you going to wait for your first natural bleed?

    Eveyrbody on here is wicked you are in good handsimage

    k xx
  • Hi Jenny_Bunny and welcome. The others are right its very addictive on here but good fun and very supportive. Its amazing how many twinges, that I'm sure were there before tttc, become so much more apparent and ?significant!!Good luck!!xx
  • Hi K-Lou, we started trying straight away how about you? Everyone seems great on here I cant believe how many replies i've got so quickley x
  • Just to say that it is worth trying straight away coz I caught 2 weeks after coming off the pill with Amy. I didnt appreciate just how lucky I was at the time though xx
  • Same here hun I am on my 2ww due to maybe come on or test on the 30th though like you have no idea how long it will take for AF to show up? I don;t think we did it this month though as I am not sure i actually OV had the dull ache and so on but no real EWCM. I was due to OV on friday 16th how about you?
    K xxx
  • Wow Hilary I hope that happens to me, I have been getting funny sensations in my stomach and pains off to the side x
  • You never know. I know at the time I was sitting waiting for a withdrawal bleed & when none arrived I done a test & was in shock. It took a while to sink in coz we really didnt expect it to happen for another month at least.

    I wasnt soo lucky 2nd time though as it took ages for the pill to leave my system & my cycles were all over the place so my GP prescribed me clomid to regulate them & kick start my ovaries.

    Good luck xx
  • Hilary&Amy&Zara - that was soooo lucky i am praying i am as lucky as well just on my 2ww now but i kinda of know i am not. I am not sure if you will be able to remember but when you OV right after you came off the pill was everything how it should be. i.e EWCM? I hardly got any mine was just wet but with white bits in it? i am still wondering if i even OV at all.

    K xx
  • Tbh it was really a case of ignorance was bliss when ttc Amy. We never thought too much about it other than you had sex without contraception & you got pregnant. I didnt even know then that not all cycles were 28 or you could ov at anytime & not just cd14 obviously I do now but then I hadnt a clue about watching for things like cervical mucus etc. Looking back we were obviously just lucky which was probably why it was such a shock to the system ttc Zara when nothing seemed to be happening & thats when I realised things werent just as simple as I had previously thought.

    Good luck though coz it does prove that it is possible to get pregnant when you just come off the pill too. xx
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