So bloody annoyed!!

Had to go the the early pg unit today to check my levels are at 0 after my mc last wk....walk in and spot one of my sisters friends...wanted the floor to swallow me as shes a gossip and wanted to keep mc to close family!!! Couldnt lie why i was there as im a patient in the pg unit....anyways shes 8wks pg and was in for an early scan. Told her what had happened and then she proceeded to tell me about her friend who is pg with her 4th girl, because its a girl shes devestated and isnt she even know how lucky and fortunate she is, i could of sat there screaming, but i was gd and shut my mouth....but then SHE starts on about how pissed off she is that shes pg as she was planning a trip to disney in dec....i swear how i did not commit murder there and then il never know...fair enough shes gutted but to sit there and tell some whos in the middle ofhaving a mc and would of been 2wks behind her that she feels like that, is shitty!! Sorry rant over! xxxxxx :x :x


  • Thats very insensitive of her. :evil:
    Im shocked to hear that about her friend :cry:
    Sorry to hear about your mc xxx

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  • Oh Kim, what an insensitive cow!! I really feel for you.xx
  • silly insensitive stupid sisters friend. she obviously is very shallow(cant go to disney cos of baby, boo hoo)
    sorry cant stand it when some people dont think before they speak. take care hun
    Filo x
  • Some people are so insensitive - I'm amazed you were able to bite your tongue - I don't think i could have in the circumstances.

    Sorry to hear about your mc xxx
  • Glad theres some other like minded ladies out there....ive calmed down a bit now, guna try to forget about them, stupid bloody girls! xxxxxxx
  • what a couple of immature spoilt little bitches! People like that just make me want to slap them. Hard!

    Well done you for biting your tongue like that. I would have had to tell her to grow up and p*** off out of my face! I have no patience for idiots like that.

    Sorry you had a terrible situation made even worse for you hun xx
  • kim, so sorry to hear your news petal. but from the sounds of other posts your keeping strong, so well done image

    and your disney pics are gorgeous on facebook btw image

    keep your head up and lots of pma
  • OMG!!!!!!! I wanna be pg with my 4th girl!!!

    Well if that woman starves herself - baby will take from her what it needs - so all her hair and teeth will fall out and she'll get brittle bone disease too!!!! Doesn't she know anything on her 4th pregnancy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh hun!!! Next month is our month babe!!!


  • Well if that woman starves herself - baby will take from her what it needs - so all her hair and teeth will fall out and she'll get brittle bone disease too!!!! Doesn't she know anything on her 4th pregnancy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    lol. that did make my night. would serve her right as well. i already have one wee girl and im telling you i wouldnt care if she were my sixth girl. i dont know how people can think like that. its always these people who sail through preg without a care in the world.
  • Thank Angielisa - stupid woman eh!!!

    If I knew her I'd give her such a slap!!!

  • OMG!!!! Perleeeeees.
    Im not going to get wound up, im not going to get wound up..................
    WTF is this womans problem. She should count her lucky stars that she is able to have 1 child never mind 4. So what if it will be her 4th daughter. The insensitive bitch.
    There, thats not to bad for not getting wound up!!!!!!!
    Well, some people. Dont they just want to make you smack em in the face to get em into the real world.
    For god sake........................calm down Karen lol
  • Starving immature!

    Did she not realise that she doesnt get to pick and choose the sex of her baby...People like that wind me up! and how insensitive.

    I hope that rant made you feel better. Well done for not saying anything, i dont think i would have been able to do that.

  • Hope all her daughters get pmt at the same time and give her a really hard time!!! Bloody stupid woman. Hope her next poo is a hedgehog (modified for the faint hearted!!! lol)
  • lmao B!!!!! You go girl!!!

  • stupid insensitive cow, some people just have no clue do they.
    sorry you had to go through that kim, well done for keeping your cool x x x
  • People like that don't deserve to have children - I remember a line out the film Parenthood "you need a license to own a dog, but anyone can have kids" - for some people it's just a way to claim extra benefits etc...
    I take my hat off to you - for staying so calm. Not sure I would have been able to. x
  • OMG! some people are soooo insensitive! Had a similar experience myself, had mmc, but had to go for an internal scan as was still bleeding 9 weeks later. Anyway, was sitting there full of pregnant women, felt like crying they were all there for their 20 week scan, anyway, a couple came out from the scan and sat next to me and hubbie, the husband said to his wife 'are you gutted?' she said 'yeah.. but i knew it was going to be another girl' WTF?? I just stared at them and thought 'if you had been through what i had just been through, you would never say such as thing'. I just don't think people who have never been through a mc/mmc can ever fully appreciate how much pain we go through, and how we would just love a child no matter what sex.
    Take care xx next month is our BFP month yippee!!
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