Who have you told?

Hey girls

We're in the first month of TTC and it's becoming increasingly hard to keep it a secret!!

We haven't told anyone though and when people ask, we just say, 'oh, you never know what might happen!'

So, who have you told, if anyone? And does it make it more difficult for you now?



  • we havent told anyone, but it kinda feels like people know...(even though i know they cant possibly know) its exciting having a secret lol
  • we havent told anyone. i say we are too busy having just got married ect and that we only want 1 more (already have 1) so we are both young and in nood rush. everybody still asks all the time tho x
  • I agree - although you havent OFFICIALLY told anyone they prob know. Its like you get with a guy, been with him a few years and its like when you getting engaged. You get engaged and its when are you getting married. Then you have the wedding and soon as thats done your hassled to have kids. If only it was so easy... as we all know !!
  • I've told a few friends, and my sister, that's it. Our parents are probably guessing we're trying, or thinking about it at least!
  • That's the thing though isn't it - when people ask directly, I feel horrible lying to them, but there's no way I want other people to know until a) we have something for them to know and b) until our parents know!!!

    Just wish it'd hurry up and happen, then I don't have to lie!!!!!

  • we've told a couple of close friends and the mil thats it really xx will be great if/ when we can give them some good news!!xx
  • No-one - not even my husband (only kidding - I'm not that crazy!)
  • me and my husband havnt officially started trying yet but are talking about doing so next year... my mother was diagnosed with cancer last week and they gave her 6 months to live, so we talked about it with her and my dad but that is it... I married young and we have been married going on 3 years and feel it's time for that next step but it's scary still. we are still discussing all the pros and cons of having a baby now but i HATE it when people are up in my business and asking when we are gonna have a baby, i swear the day after we got married people were doing it! lol When we do start we wont tell anyone because that is between us and no one else..
  • I can keepsomeone elses secret untill im in my grave but i cant keep my own. both of our parents know, well my mum, i dont know bout my dad, 1 of my sisters know and friends at work, its in my head all the time and i need to talk to people about it. one of my friends atwork is PG so i couldnt keep it in x x x x i kind of wish i never told as i dont want them to keep asking me and it to not happen. i wouldfeel a complete failure x x x
  • ScrapnChick06

    So sorry to hear about your mum - hope you are coping OK with the news. I hope that your news has given your Mum something nice to think about.

  • I've only told one friend but shes a bit of a motormouth so am hoping she wont blab! I dont want people telling me im not ready etc!
  • We have told both mums and my best friend! We want to keep it quiet until 12 weeks if poss as Im not good with any stress or pressure it really gets to me! Not good when TTC. image
    Tis funny though as a friend of mine I know through my husbands friend at work has discovered me through this site lol, but she has said she wont say anything to anyone so I dont mind them knowing!

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