help lol

hi girls.....

just some advice plz........
im CD14 and i had a bad pain in my right hand side yesterday had me close 2 tears, i think it was ovulation pain so i BD last night and i hve slight cramping again 2day so will attack him again once hes here from work lol hard as we dont live together lol

the thing is ive had diareoh ( cant spell ) allday tht a sign off ovulation 2??

thanks holly xx


  • Hi hun,

    Not sure it's a sign of OV but i tend to get it at times in my cycle that i get cramps ie. when i get AF, if the cramps are strong i get diarreah. Also when i fell pg and had an mc i had it when the cramps were strong?!

    How weird? There's one for the boffins eh?!

  • that is weird! lol. maybe the cramping/pain was coz u have a funny tummy? or a bit of both? xxxx
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