It was just a dream :cry:

Well Ladies,

Last night i got my BFP image

I was so happy, i did a superdrug HPT and straight away the 2 lines appeared clear as day, i was shocked but so so so so happy so i ran in to tell my OH and he didnt understand them at first but once it sunk in he was so happy.

THEN I WOKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was soooo sad, i was convinced i had got my BFP and then that happened! It was nice while it lasted to see the TWO lines, even if it was in my dreams.

Silly thing is i am only on CD7 so i couldn't be pregnant if i tried atm :lol:



  • Ah Tink I have had those dreams too and it is so disappointing when you wake up but sure we'll just have to keep trying, i'm on cd8! x
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