what are we all doing today

ok im so bored i am off work ill and really trying to pass the time. my lo is away with family and im too tired to do anything so im sitting here wasting the day away so like the title says

what are we all doing today

i am sitting on the couch on my laptop catching up with my sky plus.lol


  • I am sitting at my desk BORED out of my brain hoping that AF doesn't show up and debating whether or not I should do a test tomorrow if she doesn't show as I'll be 2 days late
  • ooh fingers crossed hun. im 10dpo today but along with feeling ill i have dreadful af cramps 6days early so i think im out this month.
  • I'm at work too and could go to sleep! Someone has just surprised me with a blueberry muffin though!

    Hope you feel better Angel100 and good luck discodivasara!
  • I'm at work, got loads to do, but much prefer spending my time on here!! Hope you feel better soon hun image

    Sara - deffo test tomorrow!! Fingers crossed x
  • thanks girls, blueberry muffin sounds lovely.

    wilma i dont have acces to be at work anymore but in my last job i used to spends loads of time on it.lol
  • Hey girls,

    I'm 'working from home' today which means I've spent most of the day on here and watching Sky+, as well as doing some chores around the house - much better than being at the office : ) Off to see New Moon in a couple of hours, can't wait! Feel better angel100.x.
  • Feel better soon Angel100!!
    Trixie New Moon is AMAZING!!!
    I will update tomorrow after testing - coming on here during work time passes the day a little quicker!
  • I'm sooooooooooooo boooooooooooored!!!
    At work and the office is so quiet - loads of ppl off or away so just browsing nonstop on the net at different things (mainly BE!)

    Time is going slow. Might go home soon and have a nap as tired!

    I HATE THE 2WW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry angel100 - didn't realise I was in such a bad mood till i started typing!!!! hehe. xx

  • lol emilyjh, there is nothing worse than being bored at work it really makes the day drag.

    you know girls i have just noticed how many crap calls you get during the day.lol
  • It must be bored day at work as I've been pulling my hair out - there are only so many sites you can look at without getting fed-up.

    I've been asking the other people in the office if they've got anything simple for me to do for them (I don't want to actually think about anything I do today!)

    I've just finished a satsuma and I'm off to Legs, Bums and Tums at 5 - using each month I don't have a bfp as an opportunitiy to loose a bit more weight and tone up.

    Ovulating this week though - so fingers crossed for me and baby dust to everyone too!!
  • good luck arls0308 hope its your month but well done on getting yourself in shape while you are waiting.xxx
  • I'm symptom spotting and reading!
  • Hey huni! I'm driving myself nuts thinking baby thoughts again, for some reason no matter what i do i can't get away from the 'youre pregnant' voice thats in my head! I want to test i really do but couldn't face a BFN so i'm just gonna wait it out. I have af type pains but they are also early pregnancy signs so not sure. Probably cursing myself and as soon as i send this aunt flo will rear her horrible ugly head. lol xxx
  • Just got in from work and I'm shattered!! On the plus side I have barely had a moment to grab a sip of water or even pop to the loo so I've certainly had no time to drive myself crazy symptom spotting!! x
  • lol cass ss seems to be a big pass time of mine at the moment to.lol

    mrs til i really hope she doesnt find you.xxx

    mrs robertson im hoping to be busy for the rest of the week to stop myself thinking about af coz i have a feeling she is def on her way,xx
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