Am i mean???

Well i have decided 2010 is the year that i get healthy. I am obsessing tooooo much about TTC at the moment and i cant concentrate on anything else. I am still going to be on here and i am still going to use the CBFM etc but i want to lose weight before i even fret about why i am not getting that BFP!!!

I mean after all it could be down to me loving my food that lil bit too much!!! I have eaten like a pig over Xmas and the OH DID get me a Nintendo Wii (thank god) so i am going to exercise my little (yes little) bum off!!!!

I got myself down in the dumps last night to the point where i didnt want to wake up. I had THE WORST stomach pains i have ever had in my entire life, well i say stomach pains but they seemed to be coming from my womb/ovary area! My mum has this condition where she gets VERY painful cramps when ovulating. I have never had these pains before but then again mum didnt get the condition until after she had me!

I also read that having an underactive thyroid (this broke my heart) can cause "unexplained infertility" due to a toxin/chemical given off in the body which means that when an egg goes to implant itself my body gives off this toxin/chemical and it kills the egg....which then causes me to have a period!!! So ladies, if i have this toxin then i could have maybe NEARLY got that BFP soooo many times :\(

It is heartbreaking but it can only be under control when i am taking the correct medication and when i am at a healthy weight and i think this has spurred me on. I want to speak to my doc about this BUT whenever i mention anything i get told off for reading things on Google so they might not help me.

Anyway after all that ranting the reason i am asking if i am mean is because i dont really want to tell OH that i have "taken a back seat" on the whole TTC at the moment. He will be gutted about this but he will also be upset if i tell him i could be infertile due to my condition!

I dont know what to do for the best because he just kind of does as he is told when it comes to TTC image

Sorry for the essay

tink xxx


  • Tink, I wouldn't get too caught up with what Google says, sometimes it's not always our friend!

    Your not actually taking a back seat from TTC but just not going to obsess over it so I don't think you've got anything to tell??!

    I too am trying to lose a few pounds which I'm hoping will help, and will use my wii fit plus to help me on my way *she says as she eats Quality Street!*

    Kepp the PMA up hunny

  • Hey Hunny,

    Why not explain to him what you have just said to us. You still want to TTC but feel that the lack of BFP may be due to being a little unhealthy so although you will still be TTC you will be more focused on getting yourself into a healthier state image Use it as something you can do together, eating better and walking your doggy lots :\)

    I'm sure he will understand babe xx
  • Hi hun, not sure I can help but will have a go anyway lol! I would tell your OH about your concerns, he will be concerned about your health also and may be able to reassure you. Maybe you could go see your dr together? Can you ask to see a dr that woud be more sympathetic and willing to listen? maybe having your OH there for support will let the dr see how concerned you are? Also, I'm no expert but I have heard of sooo many people get their BFPs when they "stop" trying. It could be that a more relaxed approach will help - stress can make it more difficult to conceive. I know it's easier said than done but you never know it might just work!

    one more thing, would weight watchers be of any help to you? I had tried and completely failed to lose weight with every diet under the sun until I joined ww last year. I lost just under 2 stone in 6 months and quite honestly didnt find it difficult at all - chocolate and chinese takeaways are still allowed!

    Anyways....sorry for the long reply, hope you manage to work something out and good luck with ttc

  • I too am trying to lose a few pounds which I'm hoping will help, and will use my wii fit plus to help me on my way *she says as she eats Quality Street!*


    :lol: he he rainbow. Me and OH said that we are starting our NY resolutions tommorrow so have sat and eaten loads of the left over xmas chocs image xx
  • Hey TInk.
    Sounds to me like this is just what you need! Like Autumn said,alot of people do seem toget their BFPs when they stoptrying as much. It will put alot less stress on your body and give you something else to focus on.
    I am also trying to get a bit healthy - i am not dieting as such I am jsut going to make sure that I am eating my 5 a day etc.
    Good luck Tink.
  • Thanks for all the replies. I think i might speak to him after Top Gear - his ears close off while this is on!!!
    I have tried weight watchers, slimming world....alsorts and they just dont work!!! Actually no i am lying, they work but i dont!!! I get stressed and eat so atm i think the best thing i can do is eat healthier and exercise more and then when i have gotten into it maybe take up a diet. If i do some kind of diet no matter how generous they are i feel like i am depriving myself somehow!!!

    tink xx
  • Hi, i feel like i should also reply to your first post as well. I dont think you are mean in the slightest. How sad you thought you were- far from it. You care so much about your future little one that you just want to be healthy. It sounds like your OH would just do anything to make you happy!!

    We are both dieting so we are at the peak of health as well as trying. I need to feel full up so alot of diets dont work. I couldnt eat a little chocolate and then be healthy-id need the whole bar. I always fill up on yogurt and soup. I make giant pots of the stuff and i eat it all up!!

  • hi hun, i think it will be a good one to focus on something else, you hear all the time people getting their bfp's when they stop trying. maybe just mention to hubby that you want to relax a bit more and just enjoy the sex and stop
  • Lol thanks homefairy - i completely understand the needing to feel full up, i am exactly the same. And my OH would do anything for me bless him so i am sure he will understand.

    Angel - last night we had spur of the moment SEX!!!! there was no legs up afterwards etc. I am keeping my fingers crossed for that BFP on Thursday image xx
  • thanks hun, but i can feel her coming at the moment, actually feel ok about it and pma is high for next month.xxxxxx
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