Small amount of EWCM again

I thought i ov'd last Tuesday as had ov pains and a popping pain from my left ovary which i thought could have been my egg being released. i did have a small amount of ewcm at the time and then seemed to dry up over the last couple of days. Then today ive got a small amount of ewcm again. Anyone ever had this?


  • Hi Jay

    Ive had this too this month, I ov'd around the 15th but have still have this every couple of days.

    Sorry, I'm not much help really as I have no idea what it is.

    V xx
  • hey,

    I did see someone mention the other day that our bodies can gear up to get ready to OV but then sometimes it doesnt happen. Then later on in the cycle the body tries to OV again. Not sure if thats happening to you or not.

  • I wonder if you can OV then this happen or OV twice, as one day I had a lot of stuff (sorry tmi) but after it just kept on a coming (but nowhere near as much).

    V x
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