Think we're out

Hey girls
I think it's safe to say that me and my OH are out the game this month. We only managed to BD once around the time I think I was OVing. Didn't have the energy to do any more. Maybe it'll do us good to have a month off. x


  • You still never no.... keep up your PMA : )

  • well i shall try & restore you PMA! with my 3rd we only BD once too & back then i had no idea when i Ov'd or what the signs were!!

    Also my friend just got her BFP & they only BD twice this month.

    you're sooo not out of the race yet hon, fingers crossed. ;\)

  • Thanks VWGirl. I'm trying to store all my PMA for next month. It's been a bit low this month after our hopes being dashed last month. But your absolutely right, there's still a chance. x
  • Hi Sept me and hubby BD twice...once at the 4 days before OV and the other time 3 days afte OV and we got a BFP....PMA is what you need. Fingers crossed and lots of baby dust your way!

  • Thanks ladies. You've given my PMA the boost I couldn't give it. I can always rely on you's when I need a helping hand. x
  • Thanks ladies. You gave my PMA the boost that I couldn't manage to give it. I can always rely on you when i need help. x
  • Hey i know how you're feeling, we only managed to BD on one peak, and 4 days before that so not holding out much hope at all! xx
  • It only takes once hun, so plenty of PMA !!
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