sperm test + bloods, anyone else?

hi everyone, so went to the docs today, and hubs has to do a sperm test lol and i have to do cd3 and cd21 blood tests to see if im oving, i was wondering what to expect after the sperm test? and im not too comfortable doing the sperm test at the docs? can they do it at home? does anyone know? i would much rather 'assist' than hubs do it himself? dunno why, but the thought just freaks me out a bit!? ew!


  • my husband has just done a sperm test, he gets the results tomorrow, as his dr is fab and said he didn't want us to try for months with no success so would sort the test out now to see if there are any problems with his sperm! I have PCOS so have my appointment next week at the docs if no success this month! Anyhoo.. he had to make an appointment for testing at the pathology lab in the hospital, he did the actual sample at home but had to make sure it was within an hour of his testing appointment as it isn't a suitable sample after this period of time. So he did the necessary, making sure the entirety went in the pot and then had to keep it in a pocket so it stayed warm on the journey to the hospital. There is no reason you can't help him out with the sample.. I had to go to work so left him to it!! This was with Southend authority but assuming all authorities are pretty much the same with this!
    Hope it all goes ok xx

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  • lol cool thanks katielou, im quite nervous, and im kind of worried i have pcos too. fingers croosed we get the all clear!? tahts good, so hopefully doc will let us do it at home then yay image i think i may phone and ask when i book the app, so maybe i can pick up a pot b4 hand? o and the pot must be big surely? it must be hard trying to get it in the pot? lmao x
  • The doctor gave my husband a pot to take home to do it.I think you will have to take the sample to the hospital rather than the docs because of the short time scale but they should give you all this info when you make the appointment! I thought the pot would be pretty big too but it really wasn't .. How my husband managed I have no idea!!
  • hahaha! o dear, do u think men no when its coming? or does it just come? coz that could be messy and difficult! lmao x
  • I don't know really.. I assume they must know, or maybe they have to keep the pot in place the whole time!!! I'm intrigued now and will have to ask when I get home lol!
  • hahha! yes please do! i wanna no! lol x
  • made a quick call while the office was empty and he said he knew when and put the pot there in time! He also said not to try and aim but put it in the pot to prevent spillage! What a convo to have at lunchtime lol

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  • hahahhaa how funny! thanks katielou lol. ok noted xxxxx
  • Oh god you 2 what are you like lol.....but seriously though good luck to you both....hoping to see some BFPs from you both real soon image xxxxx
  • hang on.... hang on.... lol im still thiking bout this! its grossing me out so much! lol. rite so how can he put it in the pot? if hubs'thingy' is up then the pot would have to go upside down to get it in, and then it would all fall out.....???? hahaha
  • Ha-Ha I have absolutely no idea, so i've text him with the following -
    The TTC'ers on BE would like to know how you put your thing in a pot as if your thing is erect the pot would need to be tilted and it would all spill out!!
    Am waiting for his answer...dread to think what it will be lol
  • hahaha love it! ur poor hubbles! lol. sorry im just curous! haha at least its keeping a smile on y face at work! haha x
  • how long have u been ttc? xxx
  • we have been trying on and off since february /march I think! Had to stop for a few weeks as I had my gall bladder removed back in May. So really this is only like month 4 I suppose but month 2 this time if that makes sense!
  • *ouch* ok cool, good luck for hs results when u get them we are on month 7, so i was suprised the docs acted so fast, tbh i was expecting them to say come back after a yr bla bla bla x
  • I thought our docs would be like that even though I have PCO but they have been amazing!
    Ok he called and he said to tell you the following He had to stand up to do it and when it was time he lent forward and tilted his pelvis and pulled his thing down as best he could so that the pot was in as natural a postition as possible. He suggested you both had a little try at the positioning as you have to get it right first time or you have a few days wait before you can try again and it was the most clinical w**k he had ever done lol! He also said to mention that the man must have ejaculated within 7 days before but must NOT have ejaculated in the 3 days prior.. so if you did the test on the Friday he must have ejaculated after the Friday before but he can't have ejaculated after the Monday! Finally he said feel free to ask any more questions as we are all in the same boat so he really doesn't mind and he hopes it all works out good for you and you hear the pitter patter of tiny feet really soon!
    Hope that isn't TMI...I've got awful images in my head now and its grossing me out too lol

  • awww BLESS him for all the info thankyou so much katielou and mr katielou! i hope u have bubbas soon tooo!!!! lol thats a great help! haha ew! haha im at work giggling at my desk and everuones lookig at me wondering what im laughing at! lol x
  • Hee hee yeah I must admit to having the odd giggle too this afternoon with this discussion! Well whatever brightens up a day can only be good I say lol
  • exactly lol x
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