Going to the docs?

I'm thinking about going to the doctors about my lack of AF. Came off the pill in April, and no AF since withdrawal bleed two months ago. BFN when I test.

Am I wasting my time though? Have most people been told to give it six months? Be really keen to hear if anyone else has been.

I'm worried I might be underweight and if that's affecting it? I'm five three and weigh about seven stone. But then, if Posh Spice gets pregnant when she's so thin, surely it can't be that?


  • I went to my doctor because i had no af visits for 2 years - and they turned me away......

    Every doctor is different i know, but i saw at least 3 different ones and they all said the same "You have to wait another few months to let your body get back to normal"... 2 years later they were still saying it to me, even though i would be in floods of tears.

    Good Luck though! x x
  • Maybe I should wait... but it is so frustrating!

    Two years? You poor thing. Hope AF pops up soon, or even better, a BFP
  • Hey Flush, well, my first af in 2 years came to visit last week, so hope all is getting back to normal for me now as i have waited long enough!!!!

    Good luck hun x x x
  • Flush - there is no harm in going. If they say wait - ask how long for , and then if af still hasn't turned up, go back.
  • I am actually tempted (and this was suggested by OH who is bored with the incessant wails of not having had a period yet and bulk purchases of tests) to go, and say I stopped taking the pill in January in order to be taken seriously. I know this is morally wrong and am not sure I'd dare!

    Tiny Y - well, hurrah for that! Bet you never felt so pleased to be buying tampons in your life.
  • i have been wondering the same thing. I actually did come off the pill in January and had my withdrawl bleed. then I had an AF after 52 days which was 22 March - haven't had anything since then - I am now on CD 75! I have been having acupuncture, moxibustion and reflexology for 4 weeks (once per week) as well as taking herbal tablets and still nothing! I keep reading that it can take 3-6 months for your system to get back to normal after taking the pill, or even longer, so I am going to wait until it is 6 months (i.e. July) and then I will go to the docs. I'm sure they'll turn me away but at least it will be on record that I have been so next time i go they will have to take it more seriously. Of course I'm hoping it won't come to this but you never know...
  • Go to the docs and just see what they say, it cant do any harm can it? good luck xxx
  • I stopped taking my pill in february had the usual pill period and since then nothing 16 weeks (114 days). I went to the DRS two weeks ago & they said that it was too soon to do anything & to go back in august if nothing. Its so depressing but the more you worry the less chance of it AF coming. xx
  • Sorry to hear that mrsmads. It seems quite a few of us are in the same position. On the one hand it is very very very frustrating and upsetting. But on the other hand, it just shows that this is quite normal after coming off the pill and doesn't necessarily mean that we have a problem. As difficult as it is, i think we do just have to be patient and hope that our systems sort themselves out soon.
  • Yes i agree moomin, i am so glad really that i came across these forums and discovered that it is not just me!!! The female body is a very strange thing... xx
  • Hi i'm not in your boat but i would say go to the docs just to get them to put on your notes that you still haven't had an af and you are actively ttc.
    I have a family history of subfertility so I went to docs and he told me to keep trying for 3 more months then come back and he would refer me and thats all on my records.
    Maxi xxx
  • I think what's really interesting is that this is clearly a common effect of the Pill but clearly none of us knew. I would have appreciated being told about this when I first started taking the pill - did anyone get any warning from their doc?
  • Absolutely! I had no warning and was even led to believe you're at your most fertile when you first come off the pill. Had I known that it would take so long for my cycles to come back, i'd have come off the pill immediately after I got married so that my cycles were sorted for when I decided to start a family.
    Also, I am starting to feel a little angry that when I first went on the pill when i was 20 the primary reason was that my cycles were irregular and they put me on the pill to regulate them. I am now worried that there may have been a problem (e.g. PCOS) and it has just been masked by years of being on the pill rather than actually being sorted out. image That said my cycles were nothing like as irregular as they are now! They were just more like every 5 weeks and lasting over a week and heavy so hopefully wasn't actually a problem. I'd give anything to be back to having every 5 weeks now even if they were heavy!
  • Moomin - its infuriating, isn't it? Like you, I would have totally stopped the pill months before I got married, if only I'd known.

    And I'd heard that most fertile when just stopped taking story too. Humph, is all I can say!

    I'm now starting to wonder, like you, if I've got a problem that has been hidden by the Pill for years.

    Best of luck ttc x
  • Those of you trying to regulate your cycles, have you tried Angus Castus? You need to be able to pinpoint when you ov though, as you shouldn't take it once you have ov'd. xx
  • Hi again Flush30! I would say don't go to the doc, as I did and she was next to useless and made me feel worse! But like someone pointed out it will be on your record then so if you feel better them knowing you are ttc then it could do some good. Mine told me I had to wait 6 months for AF and only then would they consider doing something! I told her about all the other symptoms I have been having - dark nipples, constipation, bloatedness, weight gain, mood swings which to me all point to a hormonal imbalance (if not pregnancy!) and she wasn't worried and told me to take senokot!! Now, at this point I had not had a normal number two for 2 and a half weeks so I was not happy!! Sorry, tmi!! But things are slightly better now so maybe she was right - damn her!! I got EWCM on Monday so we have been bding like mad ever since and I'm now hoping I never get that AF that must be on its way now! (I am convicing myself this is the case!) I also agree that it would have been nice to have had some warning about these things. I went to my doc to get my last lots of pills in March '07, came off in March '08, and asked if there were any side effects I should prepare myself for and anything I could do to help my body get back to normal. He said 'not at all and you'll soon be starting your family'!! I have been on the pill since I was 15 and he was the one who put me on it! Did he really think that would happen?!! Sorry - doc related rant over!! xx
  • Thanks Ladies! That is really helpful. I might go along and see what happens. Last time I went to the doctors, for a repeat prescription of the pill, I did ask about side effects and was given a lecture on how important it was not to miss a pill! And then was given a leaflet about healthy eating (I def don't need to lose weight and do a fair amount of exercise)... hmmm.

    If I go, I'll let you know what they say and we can compare notes!
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