evening primrose oil

just thought i'd let you all know that this month was the first time i used evening primrose oil

didn't bother with pre seed or the othe one

must have helped


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  • ooh hope so butterbear, i used epo this month as well.xxx

  • Thanks for the info ButterBear!!! I've been taking that this month too so fingers crossed it will work as well for me as it did for you : ) .x.
  • Hi, what does evening primrose oil do??? x
  • Hi EmaC, they say that evening primrose oil helps in the production of fertile quality CM : )

    If you're thinking of taking it then just be aware you're only meant to take it from the 1st day of AF until you OV though. This is as it can cause your womb to contract so once you OV you don't want that happening as the egg won't be able to implant.

    Let's hope it works!!!.x.
  • Hey Susiee, no worries!!! I've read it a few places doing searches on the net and also in a book I'm reading about ttc. If you google it you should be able to read a bit about it, but here is a link that talks about it - go to the bit that says 'what is the dosage for EPO' halfway down the page and it says it there.


    Glad to be of help!!.x.
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