Positive OPK!! (Advice) - Pic should now work


So excited. 1st month off pill, CD19 and this morning at 9.30am I got a pos OPK

This is pos right?

So im assuming that I am now on my 2ww as such?



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  • Can't see the picture hun. Best to test with OPk's in the afternoon though, the opposite of hpt's. Not doubting it's a +ve but did you test yesterday pm? as your LH surge may have started yesterday afternoon. If it started yesterday afternoon you need to bd today and tomorrow. Try and get the picy up.
  • Oh, I can see the pic. Will try again,x
  • Can anyone else see the pic?

  • Just out another pic up. I have 2pics on my message now so hopefully you should be able to see one of them. Let me know if you can. If not im not sure why its not working???x

    Yes baby on board i tested yesterday arvo but although the test line was darker than it had been the days before it was still technically negative. One of the ladies recommended testing twice daily the other day so started doing that yesterday. The lines fromthis mornings test are identical in colour so im pretty sure its pos.
    Ive been having twinges/cramps and lots of EWCM over the last couple of days to.
    BD last night & will make sure DH is lucky tonight to. lol.x
  • Still can't see the pics, not sure why you can and I can't maybe it's silly BE not loading them quickly enough. Sounds like you got your +ve opk though if the 2 lines are the same colour intensity, so well done!! So per the smep you are supposed to bd for 3 nights in a row now, take one day off and then bd once more. Good luck hun! I will check back and see if the picy uploads in a bit image
  • Hi Hun, can't see pic, but sounds very positive. This has now indicated your LH surge so bearing in mind that it could have happened anytime since your last test from when you got the result, i would say BD for the next 4 days as that is the surge which is 12-36 hours before ovulation!! Hope this is your lucky month, but make a note whilst it is still fresh in your mind the pattern of the opk's so you know for next months as its so east 2 forget! i used to take pics on my mobile to keep record of how dark lines were. DH is going to have the biggest smile this easter weekend! goodluck hun xxxx
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