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Big blob EWCM... I think... CD37! GRRR!

So thought AF should be here by now, tested and BFN. Tender in lower abs as of this afternoon, watery CM disappearing so nothing much now except just wiped and big blob of what I think is EWCM... had this also about 2 wks ago! It stretches too! What do we think Ladies as I have not a clue! Am I ov'ing now, have I ov'd twice this month? GOD I HATE NOT KNOWING!

....dum dee dum dee dum! Ho hum! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


  • Wow, your guess is as good as mine! Are you charting your temps - do they suggest ovulation now? Can you pop out and get an opk to test today and the next few?

    How confusing for you!!

  • Better to be safe than sorry - grab you OH and jump on him - go - go do it now - go go go !!!! image
  • Oh yeah, that's a good point! Definitley jump him just in case :lol:
  • Looks like she's gone - good girl - taking my advice ! LOL
  • Ah back - ran to Boots to get CB ov test kit - didn't show a surge but think pee was quite dilute. Lower ab pains are getting stronger - like pulling down, so maybe AF is here? Either way, just want to know! ALSO, in lift going down stairs, looked in mirror and my tummy looks pregnant! I have a flat tummy (luckily I always have) so it really shows.... either baby that wont show up on pg test (it was -ve this monring) or swollen waiting for AF. Think it is the latter.... but the excitment of going to Boots was great! xx

    PS. will still bd tonight just in case and if not ov, then it will be af and bd might help bring it on!
    Pains are quite obvious now! YAY for AF... this time!
  • Ooh - hope you find out one way or another Toady - at least if it is AF - you can start again ...

    What hpt did you use - was it a reliable one ?
  • I'm glad you're feeling more positive now. It sounds like you will get an answer one way or the other pretty soon! Good luck, babe! xx
  • You may OV'd later in the month hun and the BFP would not show up yet!! Do you have any other symtoms?? xxxxxx
  • Ooops!! Double post!! What is wrong with the site today??!!!

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  • Oh - hadn't thought of that! Really felt like I ov'd on CD15 but could be wrong - was not so constand with the bd'ing after CD17 so not sure if ..... anyway! Used CB ov test which is good right. Suddenly tired so think it is af. Also been peeing like a demond today and windy (sorry) so something is defo going on!
  • There is something going on!!! CB are always good!! This is what happened to my friend when she was checking OV dates and was not trying for a baby-she ended up with a BFP!! She would be careful on the days around OV and after, however that month she OV'd late and did not know and she was so shocked to get her BFP, so it can happen!! xxxxxx
  • Ha ha Toady - I too am super windy ! Much to DH's dismay !!! Glad I'm not the only one ! I reckon - bd just in case - but maybe test again in a few days. I'm testing Tuesday - join me and we'll have a testing party ! image
  • OK - no AF by Thursday and I will test again as it is my b-day! Then if not I will test again Tuesday with you Smithyswife! Wigzy - you are right, there is defo something going on and am not imagining it! Dont think am BFP but either AF or ov... GOD DAM IT ALL! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Minute by minute low down folks! I just doubled over with ab pains do defo think it is AF. Am about to cycle home in 50mile an hour winds against me, so will be hard work! If that doesnt being af on, lordy only knows what will! That and a good bd tonight! Will have to be after my girly dinner though!
  • ooh - if I forget your birthday please remind me ! I'm so forgetful at the moment (again - not a sympton of cooking a bun - just burn out from planning the wedding of the year !!!)

  • Can I gatecrash the testing party, lol!! :lol: I'll bring the nibbles!!

    Remember Little Toad, its not over until she shows her ugly mug!! Lets keep the PMA going girls!!

    Smithwife-roll on Tuesday!!! Hows your symptom spotting going? xxxxxxxx
  • Oooh, have a nice evening Little Toad and let us know how you are in the morning.

  • OK girls - am off now. Will report back tomorrow! Love to you all and PMA, rock chick dancing, husband loving and all of that! Sleep tight! xx
  • A birthday on Thursday!! Woohoo!! We should have a party on Baby expert!! xxxxxxx
  • Party on BE! What a fab idea! Yes, I will be 29 on Thursday! Ekkkk! Am hoping for a Mulberry handbag and purse - burnt orange colour - I wear a lot of black so think it will add colour and look fab! Am pretty dure Gav is on the case with it! Hoping so! xxxxxxxxx
    Am really going home now! Bye! xx
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