I can see a line...but are my eyes playing tricks!!??

Hi girls, I did a FR this morning and there is a very very faint line!! I can def see it..I think (h2b can't though :roll: ) I'm 12dpo today and have 2 clear blue digitals at home, should I do one tomorrow?? Would it be accurate?? I know I really should wait til next week but I really don't think I'll last!!! xx


  • You are in exactly the same boat as me (i've posted too earlier)!!

    I used my last FR this morning (around 14dpo) and have the most faintest of lines it's hardly there. Not sure if evap line.

    Bought a CB digital and it says NOT PG!! CB aren't as sensitive as FR though so I'm going out later to get some more FR from Boots as they are BOGOF. I would stick to FR for the time being as they are more sensitive.

    Good luck xx
  • when are you due AF? i did my digi at 12DPO, a day before AF was due and got a +

    good luck x

  • argh!! how exciting! get your bum down to boots asap (2 for 1 on fr) and test again!!!! now off you trot xx
  • Thanks for the replies! Af is due the 7th I think, it's my first month off the pill so it's a guess really based on what happened the last time I stopped the pill

    I'm trying to hold off using my CB's just yet as I know they aren't as sensitive...soooo hard waiting though!!! ooo 2 for 1!!! it's a sign me thinks image

    Good luck to you to ccbmommy!! Hopefully we'll be posting our BFP's in the next few days image xx
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